Case Studies



Business Name: A Silver Breeze, Inc.


Pain Point: Camera system was not providing necessary detail.

Solution: Tech II Upgraded their video surveillance system to high definition cameras.


Project Portfolio

Client Spotlight – A Silver Breeze, Inc.

A Silver Breeze, Inc. Customer Spotlight, January 2017 Written by Stacey Gaskell Joel Schlesinger is a 36 year old business owner that grew up in Brooklyn, NY but fell in love with Saratoga Springs and its small town atmosphere and...

Client Spotlight – Pallets, Incorporated

If you were driving through the outskirts of Fort Edward and didn’t know to look for the offices of Pallets Incorporated, you could easily drive right by.  What you wouldn’t see, when pulling up, is what’s behind the unassuming façade...

Client Spotlight – FMS Workforce Solutions Center

Interview conducted by Daniel Bardin. Written and edited by Jessica Turcotte. FMS Workforce Solutions Center, Amsterdam, NY location. FMS Workforce Solutions has been a client of Tech II for several years, and recently sought out Tech II’s services in order...

Client Spotlight – Alpine Sport Shop

Alpine Sport Shop Dan Bardin, Tech II’s CEO, pays a visit to Alpine Sport Shop. Ron and Dustin, two of Tech II’s camera technicians, getting everything in place. Last Friday I visited Alpine Sport Shop while our team was installing...