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Network Security Checklist
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A general guide to keeping your network secure. Use this guide as a starting point, and tailor to your business needs to keep your network secure!

Ransomware: The What? The Where? And The How?
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Ransomware and other variants are on the rise, but there is hope to limit the impact of these threats to your company and its assets. In the this article we will be discussing what ransomware is and what it does; where the infection comes from and where it goes after it is deployed, and finally, how you can prevent this type of threat from taking a large toll on your company’s production time.

General Best Practices
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A basic best practices guide to protect your business assets and data. Includes best practices for data encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), email filtering, endpoint security and network based security hardware and software.

End User Best Practices
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A handy Do’s and Don’ts of best practices for end users.

Social Media Best Practices
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Social media is a great outlet for self and business promotion. Use this Do’s and Don’ts best practices document to ensure you’re getting the most from your social media network while avoiding the many common pitfalls that hinder your marketing efforts.

Successfully choosing an IT/MSP Service Provider
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Choosing the proper IT/MSP provider can be a daunting task. Use these key questions and audit information to make sure you’re partnering with an organization that will effectively support your business IT needs.

Weathering the Storm - Business Continuity
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Zero in on downtime for long-term business continuity planning and customer satisfaction. Understand the costs and risks of downtime to your business.

Reducing The Costs and Complexity of IT With a Managed Services Provider
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Managed services provide cost savings and simplification of IT environments for SMB’s who invest in them. Understand the value of a helping hand from a managed services provider.

Mitigating Costly New Technology Risks For Continued Stability & Profitability
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With the recent buzz about potential benefits and cost savings of virtualization software and cloud computing, many SMB’s are rethinking how their technology investments are currently allocated.

The Definitive Guide To Building Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery For Small Business
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Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are two of the most overlooked yet critical components to keeping a company in business. Many businesses do not reopen their doors after a serious IT breach or IT failure. Having a DR/BC plan in place enables businesses the opportunity to bounce back after an IT failure/breach.

Achieving HIPAA Compliance & High Level Data Security In The Cloud
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Service patients, not technology. Achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance does not have to be a difficult process. Find out how to best become and maintain HIPAA compliancy for your business.

Why Businesses Must Finally Let Go Of Windows XP
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Windows XP has been the business operating system standard for over a decade now. Recent changes from Microsoft has spelled the end of support for XP. It’s time to leave XP behind in your business, and here are the reasons why.

Meet Your IT Teams New Best Friend - Managed Services
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Many SMB’s lack the resources to effectively manage their IT infrastructure. Over 65% of IT budgets go towards tasks that do nothing more than help keep the lights on. Alleviate these overhead expenses by investing in a managed services provider, and your IT team will thank you.

Decreasing Business Costs and Risks of Costly Data Loss
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Business is dependent on technology now more than ever. Adapting to the needs of constant access to data has led to many businesses to allow employees “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD). With these freedoms of flexibility come risks of data loss. Learn how your business can stay protected in todays technology environment.

Eradicating Failure - Addressing The Fear of Downed Networks
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While system outages and failures can result in service hiccups and lost profits
for large companies like Blackberry, Intuit, or Virgin Blue, these companies typically have enough resources to bounce back and continue on with business as usual once the underlying issue is resolved. Smaller and midsize companies don’t have this same luxury and many never recover fully.

Embracing The Age of Mobility & The BYOD Workplace
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With work no longer confined to a physical office or limited by traditional business hours, we’ve created an increasingly mobile and dispersed workforce capable of working anywhere at anytime. By now it’s obvious that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is here to stay. Find out about the benefits and risks of embracing this new way of business-life.

Demystifying The Cloud In Laymans Terms
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For several years, cloud technology has been one of the most talked about subjects in business technology circles. A breakdown of what the cloud really is and explained for all to understand.

Combating Cybercrime on a SMBs Budget
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71% of data breaches investigated by the company’s forensic analysis unit was targeted to small businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Businesses with less than 10 employees were the most frequently attacked. The loss and exposure of confidential data from a cyber attack is very costly to both the people victimized and the businesses whose data was compromised. Find out how to keep your business secure.

Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare & HIPAA Compliant Cloud Technology
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Recent modifications to the HIPAA Privacy, Security, Enforcement and Breach Rules have made it clearer that data center operators are to be classified as business associates under HIPAA. These modifications now assure covered entities such as doctor offices, hospitals, and health insurers that they can remain HIPAA compliant while adopting cloud technology.