Driving Excellence Through Leadership

The management team leading Tech II Business Services in the fast-paced and competitive world of IT service delivery and communications is comprised of highly skilled, experienced professionals. Dedicated and totally focused on establishing and maintaining leadership in the IT services and communications industry, Tech II provides exceptional customer service and support, forward vision, and creative thinking.

Daniel Bardin


Daniel Bardin joined Tech II as the VP of IT Services in early 1999 with the strategic acquisition of his company, Power Solutions. With the resources to sustain growth already in place, the acquisition of Power Solutions, and the ensuing partnership, the new entity was quickly positioned to become a regional leader in converged technologies, cloud offerings, and managed services. After successfully incorporating IT Services to the existing communications offerings, Daniel assumed the role of COO in 2008. In his position of COO, he integrated three distinct divisions into Tech II: voice, data, and infrastructure. He has built the processes and procedures for efficient operations, and has assembled a talented team, able to service and support the vast array of clients throughout the region and beyond.

In 2013 Daniel was promoted to the position of CEO by Tech II’s Board of Directors. While still very involved in day to day operations, Daniel’s focus has shifted to developing and executing Tech II’s short and long term goals. Working with senior staff, partners, and consultants, he invests significant time in ensuring the company stays positioned for success today, and for many years to come.

Eric Guby


Eric Guby, the founder and Chief Financial Officer of Tech II Business Services, is a recognized leader in Telecommunication and Managed Services in the Capital District. Eric has been in the telecommunications industry for three decades – twenty-five of those years were spent as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Tech II.

From his background in electronics and PBX manufacturing, Eric gained an understanding of the concepts and technologies that make up this rapidly evolving industry. His comprehensive experience in virtually every aspect of telecommunications enables him to position Tech II on the cutting-edge.

Eric’s business savvy and vision allowed him to recognize trends and opportunities within the industry. He developed Tech II into a strong company that has experienced continual growth through a broad spectrum of economic times. Recognizing the eventual convergence of voice and data, Eric led Tech II into the information technology arena through the strategic acquisition of Power Solutions in early 1999. Through this integration, and the acquisition of other key executives and technologies, Tech II is positioned to provide expert managed services to businesses all across the northeast.

Craig Stephenson


Craig brings over 25 years of national and international experience in management, technology, and sales and marketing. His fundamental philosophy is to encourage employee empowerment through training and guidance; to ultimately build resources to develop into self-guiding cohesive teams.

Specializing in organizational management, Craig has been instrumental in providing substantial cost savings throughout all operational levels.

Paul LiCalzi

Operations Manager

With over 19 years of operations and management experience in the technology solutions industry, Paul complements Tech II’s management team. He has been an integral part of implementing new strategies, policies and practices in order to help organizations grow to their fullest potential.

His experience in this industry has allowed him to work directly with CFO, Director level and Senior Management teams to increase overall company effectiveness, efficiencies and simplify technologies.

Derek Graham

Director of Managed Services

With over 18 years of IT and Managed Services design and implementation, Derek has built, and maintains, long-term technology relationships with a large number of Tech II’s primary customers.

In his role as Director of Managed Services, Derek manages a diversified team of professionals using the latest MSP technology and consistently delivering superior customer service. Derek received his bachelor’s degree in network administration from SUNY Delhi, and continues to challenge his team daily with new advancements in technology.

Josh Koons

Director of New Business Development

Josh Koons brings expertise in both business process development and business technologies, allowing him to provide knowledgeable insight for clients that want to align both aspects of their organization.

Josh is a seasoned business development professional whose consultative approach helps match Tech II’s new clients with the precise technologies they need to support and revolutionize their business processes.

Additionally, he maintains key industry certifications which separate him from many other business development professionals. His thoughtful approach to understanding prospective clients’ business models and requirements, including compliance and technology roadmaps, aligns perfectly with Tech II’s sales methodology.

The combination of Josh’s experience and expertise make him an invaluable member of the Tech II Business Services leadership team, providing clients with actionable insight into how to transform their business and align their IT with their long-term goals.