Combine IT Support with Online IT Services

Technology continues to play a more critical role in small businesses with the passing of each day, and many organizations have found ways to improve their operational performances through the use of advanced services and tools. One of the tricks to becoming more agile and effective in the modern market is balancing a range of solutions in such a way that bolsters resilience to disruption without straining budgets.

In the world of modern IT, combining in-house capabilities with online services can be especially advantageous from several standpoints, including those regarding spend-efficiency, operational performance and client relationship management.

Here are four ways in which this combination can benefit the average small business:

  1. Less strain on IT departments: Between big data, cloud computing and enterprise mobility, the average IT department has had to field a tremendous amount of additional work to maintain smooth operations amid a constant stream of new deployments. By leveraging online services, companies will often be able to reduce the amount of arduous configuration and maintenance responsibilities placed on their IT staff, leading to stronger engagement.
  2. Strategic thinking: In this same vein, freeing up IT personnel for more strategic oversight and planning can lead to more efficient and effective use of resources. IT departments will always be necessary to manage in-house technologies, but online services can act as complements that will actually enhance returns on the various investments, especially when the combination strikes the proper chord.
  3. Accessibility of services: One of the more crucial aspects of mobility is the enablement of remote access to IT services, which can be difficult for a small business to provide when only working with in-house solutions. By supplementing in-house service management with outsourced components, the firm will often be better positioned to drive the success of BYOD and other mobility programs.
  4. Recovery and resilience: Disruptions can quickly lead to significant financial problems for a small business, and relying only upon in-house tools has consistently yielded disastrous consequences when a major adverse event strikes. Online services will be inherently better protected against man-made and natural disaster, helping the business to keep operations moving regardless of unforeseen events.

At the end of the day, small business owners who want to have the most personalized and streamlined experience when combining in-house and online IT will benefit from using a provider located nearby.

Peter Farley, Vice President

Tech II Business Services, Inc.