Adirondack Business Expo

Adirondack Business Expo
Come find us at the Adirondack Business Expo to chat about the IT services we offer, and what we can do for you.

Nothing trumps a face to face conversation.

No matter how advanced video conferencing gets, or how reliable a phone call may be, there’s something you get out an in-person chat that you wouldn’t otherwise.

That’s why the Tech II Business Services team enjoys going to business shows and conferences like the upcoming 2019 ARCC Business Expo on October 16, 2019, at the Queensbury Hotel. It’ll give us the chance to get beyond the marketing emails we send, the way our website looks, and the other client-focused marketing efforts we make.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having the chance to talk directly to other members of our business community about IT. What they may be lacking in their IT support, and what we can offer them.

After all, the Tech II team believes in delivering undeniably high-quality IT services. We know that you can’t take short cuts when it comes to service – it doesn’t matter how new or expensive the technologies we work with are. It comes down to our commitment to our clients, simple as that.

Stop By Our 2019 ARCC Table To Chat

Events like this offer a rare opportunity to meet and learn about the other businesses in our local area. Every time we attend an event like the 2019 ARCC Business Expo, we meet new members of our local community, and we get to learn about them.

We hope that in meeting our team, you can learn something about us as well, and what we have to offer:

  • Fully Managed IT Services: End to end management of your IT environment, including monitoring, proactive maintenance, and resolution of any and all issues as they occur.
  • Cloud Services: We match your business processes and direct needs with specifically chosen cloud solutions in order to increase your productivity, mobility, and convenience.
  • Network Infrastructure Services: We can assist in the management of your network from beginning to end, whether you need new infrastructure designed and implemented, or ongoing maintenance for the network you’re currently using.
  • Video Surveillance Systems: Don’t overlook the value of a video surveillance system, a vital part of securing your business and protecting your assets.
  • Business Telephone Systems: You can’t do everything over email – let our team manage your phone systems to make sure they always keep you connected with your business contacts.
  • Cabling Services: Not everything can be wireless – our team will handle the development of a stable and secure cable infrastructure for you.
  • Carrier and ISP Services:  Don’t waste your time playing the middleman between your Internet Service Provider and your phone systems vendors – allow our team to handle it for you.

The Tech II Business Services team is excited to attend the 2019 ARCC Business Expo – and to meet you there. If you have a few minutes, make sure to stop by to chat about our many IT services, and what they could do for you.

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