Your business technology is extremely important: it keeps everything moving smoothly throughout your business. No one notices all the moving parts in the background until something breaks — and then resolution for the problem becomes a top priority. When you’re only looking for a reactive computer repair shop, you may be missing out on some key benefits to your organization including enhanced security, reduced overhead and improved productivity. See why you should utilize a managed services provider to help protect the long-term investment you’ve made in your technology infrastructure instead of relying on computer repair in Albany.

What Do Computer Repair Shops Do?

Computer repairs shops often have a limited scope. They accept projects where there is a specific problem, and look for a targeted solution to that issue that will help an organization overcome the obstacle. However, this narrow view of the organization doesn’t allow these professionals to provide a full range of support to organizations: they can only solve the problem at hand. This approach can be good if all you have is a particular hardware problem, for instance. When you’re faced with more in-depth technical challenges, computer repair shops may not have the level of expertise needed to support the wide range of software and hardware in use by your business. The repair shop may sub-contract with other individuals to provide a part of the service with which they do not have a high competency, which can leave your organization open to security liabilities as well as the risks associated with having external contractors working closely with business-critical systems.

How Do Computer Support Companies Work?

Computer support companies, or managed IT service providers, work differently than a computer repair shop. Instead of waiting for something to break, these partners are proactively reviewing your network and security configurations to determine where you may need additional support to maintain a healthy infrastructure. This can include everything from:

  • Security review and training recommendations to ensure that your staff and computers are always up-to-date with the latest tools and information to protect your organization.
  • Active management and application of software patches and security updates that reduce or eliminate internal staff time needed to perform this type of activity.
  • Consolidated dashboard for information and reporting, allowing the partner to begin immediate remediation when a network or server problem is discovered.
  • Comprehensive remote Help Desk support, freeing your IT team from the ongoing simple — yet time-consuming — requests from users to restore a file or reset a password.
  • Early detection of problems such as malware attacks, potentially saving your organization from an extensive data breach and the costs and problems associated with a significant attack.
  • Regionally redundant backup and recovery solutions that offer secure offsite storage of critical business information and systems.
  • Antivirus updates and protection that is always on and always updated.
  • Management of Windows and other software licensing, allowing your IT team to issue or revoke licenses with confidence quickly.
  • Scalable cloud solutions that allow your business and technology leaders to have the flexibility that they need to grow or contract your technology needs based on demand quickly.
  • Guaranteed service levels so you will always know when you can expect resolution on a specific issue.
  • 24/7 availability to help ensure that your business downtime is minimized and you have assured the productive use of your systems and data when you need them.

Perhaps one of the most significant ways that managed services providers differ from an Albany computer repair business is through their ability to plan for ongoing costs more accurately. A managed IT services provider offers an ongoing monthly payment that covers all of the critical needs of your business, so you’re able to create a budget that you are confident will protect your organization and support your needs. With a break/fix computer repair shop, it’s difficult to predict what the cost structure will be for any given year, or when those costs will occur. Essentially, you won’t know the cost of a problem until you have it — and then it’s often too late to negotiate a good deal.

A proactive approach to your technology infrastructure is vital in today’s always-on organizations. Customers do not understand why your website is down, or why your service technicians are unable to answer basic questions about a particular account. If your business is unable to offer secure access to essential data promptly, customers are likely to make a switch to your competitor. A highly reliable business infrastructure helps protect your organization’s ability to generate revenue and provide a superior experience for customers — as well as a high level of productivity for your staff.

  • Daniel BardinPublished on December 20th, 2018

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