Searching For A New Albany IT Company?

Everything you need to know about searching for the right IT provider in Albany

Modern businesses, in all industries, and of all shapes and sizes, have comes to recognize the power of technology to boost productivity and reduce overhead costs. More and more businesses are choosing to hire a team of local IT professionals to help them manage, monitor, and optimize their IT infrastructures. While the idea to hire a professional may be a no brainer, knowing how to find the right one is a different story.

Your Playbook for Hiring an Albany IT Company

Whenever our team of Albany IT professionals welcomes a new client, we usually hear a lot of the same things. Most businesses don’t know what exactly they should be looking for – let alone where to look for providers or what to expect from consultations. That’s why we’ve decided to create a comprehensive guide that includes all the different things you should consider before hiring an IT company in Albany.

Here are the most important things to understand when hiring an Albany IT company:

  • Understand your unique business needs

Finding the right IT services and support depends a lot on what you’re looking for. Without knowing the unique IT needs of your business, it’ll be near impossible for you to find a provider that can meet them.

Take an inventory of your IT infrastructure – what kind of support, services, and solutions do you require? Do you need new hardware? Are you looking for software migration or optimization support? What level of help desk support do you need? By coming up with a clear idea of what it is you’re looking for, you’ll have a much easier time matching up with the right IT provider in Albany.

  • Understand that bigger is not always better

Basically, what we’re saying here is that quantity doesn’t always equal quality. There are going to many providers that claim to have huge teams of professionals, offer the latest and greatest technologies, and make big promises about taking care of everything online.

Don’t fall prey to big hype. Remind yourself that the right provider will be someone who gets to know your business and your business needs. They won’t be focused on selling to you, they’ll be focused on serving you.

  • Understand how the provider defines value

If you take a second to think, you probably have a very clear idea of what you consider valuable when it comes to your business. What is the value that you provide your customers and how do you ensure that value is received in all that you do?

Your search for an Albany IT company should be no different. Each provider you speak to should be able to explain the value they’ll offer your organization. Even better? They should be able to explain that value in clear terms that you understand. Only partner with an IT company that includes enterprise-level customer service in their definition of value.

  • Understand how the provider will meet your needs

When it comes to your business, there’s no time for going with the flow. The whole point of partnering with a team of IT professionals is to put your concerns to rest and tap into some peace of mind. You need to find an IT provider in Albany that has a game plan for addressing the unique IT needs of your business.

Make sure the provider you hire has developed a customized IT plan that addresses all the different services and solutions you’re looking for. They should have a plan for implementing new solutions, optimizing existing ones, and getting rid of redundant or out-of-date equipment. They should also have additional plans for ongoing management, monitoring, strategy, and support.

  • Understand how the provider has helped other companies in your industry

Who doesn’t like a good testimonial or a positive review? Sometimes, the best way to know if a potential IT provider is a good match is to ask for references. By hearing what other businesses have to say about a provider’s service and professionalism, you’ll feel more informed as you make a hiring decision.

Ask providers if they can provide testimonials or references from past or current clients. Of course, it’s always a bonus if some of these references are businesses in your industry or a similar industry. Whenever possible, speak to references directly so you can get down to business and get the word directly from the horse’s mouth.

  • Understand how the working relationship will take shape

This final tip circles back with the first. It’s a great idea to go into your search for an Albany IT provider with an idea of how you want the relationship to blossom. Maybe you only need support for one-off hardware or software deployment. Maybe you’re looking for a long-term partner to provide strategic consultation and ongoing technical support. Maybe you’re looking for something in between.

Whatever it is you need, try and have an idea ready to present to different providers. The right IT provider will listen carefully to your needs and will draft a service arrangement that offers you only what you need and nothing that you don’t. Clear and honest communication is the best foot to start an outsourcing partnership on.

Finding the Right IT Provider in Albany: Go in With a Plan but Trust Your Gut

We’ve covered all the different factors you should consider when looking to hire an IT company in Albany, but you’re probably still wondering: how will I know which one is right. The answer is simple – use our tips as a guide, but at the end of the day, trust your gut. Only you can know the right Albany IT provider for your business, and chances are when you get talking with the right company, you’ll know it.

If you’re stuck on a place to start, may we suggest reaching out to our team of Albany IT professionals? The team at Tech II Business Solutions Inc., have the experience and expertise necessary to help you optimize technology for your business – no matter what that looks like. We’re committed to customizing our wide array of Albany IT services to meet the needs of any local business.

Tech II Business Solutions Inc., offers a variety of IT support services and solutions including:

  • Fully managed IT services – managed monitoring, patch management, threat mitigation, mobile device management, compliance management
  • Strategic Cloud services – virtualization technologies, hosted servers, colocation services, internet vaulting, application hosting, hosted Exchange
  • Infrastructure solutions – business telecommunications, IT systems integration, video surveillance, network infrastructure, recovery service

Tech II Business Solutions Inc., is also committed to:

  • Providing customized and personalized customer service
  • Responding to client queries promptly and efficiently
  • Planning strategically for the long-term with each client
  • Listening to our client feedback to continually improve the service experience

If you’re ready to hire an Albany IT company, start your search by reaching out to the team of IT experts at Tech II Business Solutions Inc. We welcome your questions – big or small – and we can’t wait to start optimizing technology for your business. Our team can be reached anytime at (518) 587-1565 or via email at

  • Daniel BardinPublished on July 4th, 2019

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