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A lot of companies have made national news lately from data breaches into their networks. A thorough network assessment can identify some of the areas where a data breach can occur.

Network assessments can be done for a variety of reasons, and should be an annual part of your regular business practice.  If your business retains confidential data, like medical records, you may be under further compliance guidelines for greater assessment frequency and depth.

Today’s networks are constantly evolving and the benefits of a one-time Network Optimization can erode over time without regular checks. Poor network performance can heavily impact staff productivity, business systems, your reputation with customers, not to mention your ability to innovate and grow your business. Overall, a network assessment should be completed annually to improve operational security and performance.

The process is simple. We first meet with management to determine possible areas of concern. Network assessments normally take from one to two hours to run. A non-invasive scan is run at your location to analyze and collect application and network data. This data is later used by Tech-II’s analysts to produce an assessment report tailored to your business. After the analysis, we can review the current IT infrastructure, research all operating systems and software applications, review IT policies and procedures, evaluate the IT budget and systems planning documentation, and review the disaster recovery plan.

Just like an annual check-up with your doctor, a solid system assessment puts your business on a path for moving forward and leaves you armed with a greater understanding of the health of your network.

For more information on what a network assessment can do for your business, give our team a call at 1-800-948-3242 or click here to contact us online.

Craig Stephenson





Craig Stephenson

Senior Systems Consultant

Tech-II Business Services Inc.