Natural and man-made disasters have taken a significant toll on the small business sector in the past few years, and several studies have traced much of the damage back to a lack of preparation and investment on behalf of the average entrepreneur. Disaster recovery and data backup have become more important simply because of the increased reliance upon digital systems and electronic information.

As is the case with virtually any type of corporate asset, risk management and mitigation must be considered from the outset of the investment. Luckily, business owners have a wider range of options when it comes to DR and data backup services, especially when opening up to the online services arena.

Continuity as central function
Dynamic Business recently explained some of the reasons why smaller firms must become more focused upon continuity, specifically data backup, as well as the importance of proactive approaches rather than reactive ones. For one, the news provider pointed out that the simplest types of data loss can add up and cause significant losses to productivity and profitability.

The source gave the example of a file that contains a long presentation that took several hours to complete. If this information is not backed up and gets lost in the mix, the person responsible for presenting the file will have to go back and redo the project from scratch. While this might not seem like much, this type of loss is relatively common, and quickly snowballs into tangible financial hindrances.

Dynamic Business added that small companies are among the worst offenders when it comes to data backup shortfalls, and that this trend needs to change soon to protect the integrity and longevity of these firms.

Keeping it simple
When small business owners who do not have backup procedures in place are asked to explain the lack of investment in these areas, they will often cite a shortage of internal resources or budgetary restraints. However, online service providers have created frameworks that are more affordable and easy-to-use than ever before, especially those that are managed externally.

By investing in simple data backup packages with an online IT service provider in the Capital District of New York, local businesses can quickly begin to mitigate threats and increase resilience to loss that can quickly disrupt corporate operations.

Peter Farley, Vice-President

Tech II Business Services, Inc.