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Technology underpins nearly every aspect of successfully operating a business in today’s evolving marketplace. We rely on our various business technologies to run smoothly, with minimal disruption and no security breaches. One of the critical components in professional, as well as personal, IT environments is the server, which handles all network resources, processes requests, and delivers data over a network connection.

For area businesses large and small, acquiring support from professionals to help with managing challenging IT needs can save time and money. Additionally, outsourcing IT management frees up your employees to focus on their areas of competency and expertise and accomplish the tasks unique to their positions. If you need Dell server support in AlbanyNY, to assist in installing, upgrading and troubleshooting server technology, you can rely on Tech II Business Services, which offers end-to-end IT and business infrastructure solutions to business in the New York capital and the surrounding region.

What Is Popular Dell Server Technology?

Dell EMC is one of the nation’s leading business technology providers and offers a range of products, including personal computers, PowerVault data storage, networking capabilities, and PowerConnect data transfer and switches. Their current line of servers, designed with a scalable architecture to handle demanding workloads, is Dell PowerEdge. The PowerEdge portfolio includes:

  • PowerEdge rack servers that feature an optimum balance of computing and memory functions to maximize performance across a range of appliances
  • Modular Platforms that allow you to create an agile data center that is tailored to your computing, networking and storage needs and can manage varying infrastructure while lowering your operating costs
  • PowerEdge tower servers that feature flexible configurations with large internal capacities and are designed to grow your organization
  • PowerEdge XR2 industrial-grade servers, which provide long life for challenging or space-constrained spaces without compromising performance

Dell servers and other technology solutions can be found in numerous professional workspaces across a range of industries. Whether they are the most cutting-edge software or older systems, they rely on regular support to assist with maintenance, troubleshooting and more.

Why Is Server Support in Albany, NY, important?

Dell servers are responsible for several functions, from holding the network operating system and shared files and programs to providing users with access to this variety of resources. In an article for Lifewire, computer professional and seasoned engineer Bradley Mitchell describes servers as “the heart of the Internet,” going as far as to say the Internet would not exist without servers. Technically, a server is the software used to handle a certain computing task. However, many people stretch the definition to include the powerful hardware that supports the software, since it is required to help in “coordinating a network of hundreds or thousands of clients,” writes Mitchell, who was a software engineering manager at Intel Corporation.

Uptime is vastly important when it comes to servers, because they handle such critical tasks. Experiencing unnecessary downtime, which does not include scheduled preventative maintenance, can negatively affect all the users who rely on network access for completing their job-related responsibilities. In an article about maximizing server uptime posted on, veteran technology writer John Edwards explains that few IT goals are as elusive or slippery for businesses as determining and achieving the optimal percentage of server uptime. In general, organizations should be intent on “keeping servers alive and awake, or at least ready to instantly spring into action whenever needed.” The article covers six best practices that can help maximize uptime, which includes planning carefully and making sure server acquisitions and upgrades “are scheduled and coordinated with an eye toward system availability as well as performance.” Additionally, organizations should use management and monitoring tools for adequate oversight and practice routine preventative maintenance.

Servers require that regular maintenance to extend their life, which positively affects organizations by lowering their total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing the return on their investment (ROI). With Dell EMC’s structure putting an emphasis on providing customers the newest technology, users may find themselves increasingly in need of post-warranty support that saves them the cost of expensive support extensions and renewals. That’s where local outsourced IT companies come in. Their managed IT services are ideal for filling in the gaps and giving your organization the tools and support it needs to stay current and competitive.

Do Various Servers Require Specialized Support?

Not all servers are exactly alike, so if your organization relies on Dell servers, laptops and computers, it is essential to have support from professionals who understand your particular model and can offer specialized IT solutions. For example, many offices utilize converged architectures, such as the Dell EMC PowerEdge VRTX, which integrates servers, networking, storage and management into an office-optimized chassis that delivers increased versatility, simplicity and efficiency to an organization’s IT environment. Additionally, the FX2—offering a customizable, versatile PowerEdge server configuration—also allows you to scale workloads on demand or incrementally add any new resources your organization needs to stay current.

What To Look For In Companies Providing Dell Server Support In AlbanyNY

As mentioned above, servers play an important role, so you need support that is professional, fast, reliable, and, most importantly, valuable. The Dell server support team at Tech II possesses a wealth of knowledge about Dell products that can be expertly applied to your particular IT situation. Their computer engineers work quickly and efficiently to troubleshoot and resolve server issues, fixing them before your systems go offline. You can tap into their expertise and years of experience working with specialized IT solutions to manage your own Dell server, regardless of model. Tech II’s Dell server support team can help your organization with the following tasks:

  • Preparing for modern workloads
  • Preventing over-provisioning
  • Cutting back excess expenses
  • Optimizing technology spending
  • Scaling to a variety of configurations
  • Enhancing individual configurations
  • Implementing effective IT solutions
  • Increasing overall productivity
  • Providing spare parts for supported systems

The Albany area-based IT services company offers a range of Dell solutions to meet your business needs and give you support you can rely on at all times. Additionally, when your organization undergoes any transition or growth that impacts its IT requirements, you can consult with IT professionals who will help strategize and painlessly reconfigure your IT environment.

What Else Can Tech II Offer As Your Albany IT Services Company?

Even if your organization does not utilize Dell EMC servers or other products, Tech II’s support services are still a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes in Albany and the surrounding region. Tech II also provides support services for servers from all contemporary manufacturers, including Lenovo, HP, and others. They handle some tasks, from installation and configuration to troubleshooting, upgrading and tuning.

To learn more about Tech II’s top-of-the-line business solutions that increase efficiency and contribute to growth, including server support, contact the company’s IT professionals at 800-948-3242 or by filling out this form online.

  • Daniel BardinPublished on January 11th, 2019

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