Risk management has always been a complex and mission-critical aspect of small business ownership, but the digital revolution has substantially increased the challenges companies face in this arena. Now, many of the most common threats to corporate continuity, financial stability and brand stature are contained within the IT landscape, regardless of which industry an organization might be competing within.

As such, entrepreneurs are urged to proactively and comprehensively protect themselves from computer viruses, hacking events and other security incidents, which can often be accomplished through the use of online services provided by reliable vendors. At the end of the day, the investment put into these frameworks will tend to pay off dividends, especially considering the high cost of breach.

Tangible financial losses
David Busby, writing for Biznik, recently explained some of the ways in which malicious software has impacted organizations across the nation and around the globe. Whereas harmful software was once more of an inconvenience than a financially dangerous matter, businesses now face significant threats to continuity when their systems are not tightly knit and resilient to viruses.

According to the author, the total cost of just one infected computer in a workplace can be as much as $2,200, much of which will come from lost productivity, system downtime and the necessary services to repair the equipment. In fact, he affirmed that while the costs will not always be this high, he is relatively sure that the average price would not go below $1,000, even in the least dangerous scenarios.

One thing to remember here is that a company will very rarely have to deal with just one infected computer. Computer viruses spread like wildfire, especially in workplaces where employees are using their devices to communicate with one another. This is why the total cost of viruses to businesses is in the hundreds of billions on the global scale.

Get ready to succeed
It goes without saying that modern protection against viruses is not an altogether impossible pursuit, but rather one that can be achieved through intelligent planning and provisioning strategies. Studies indicate that the vast majority of breaches and computer infections are preventable so long as the business is following best practices.

Entrepreneurs who are not comfortable with these types of programs and procedures should always work to leverage the support of a local online service provider for more efficient and swift resilience to infection.

Peter Farley, Vice President

Tech II Business Services, Inc.