malicious-applicationsThere has been a large increase in Fake AV virus alerts in the past two weeks.  All of them can be very harmful to your system; this one seems to be the worst. This excerpt from an article on explains it best, so you are aware of the potential dangers. Please communicate to all your employees the dangers of falling for this scam. If you may have already downloaded this virus or need assistance, contact our service department at and one of our service technicians can assist you. All recommendations, sorry to say, point to a manual removal as the only way to rid your system of this virus.

Learn about Mal/FakeAvCn-C

Malware /Fake Av Cn-C is identified as a fake antispyware program, like most rogue applications, it enters into the computers through a counterfeit Flash Update and exploits existing network vulnerability in the background without you knowing. Once infected, Mal/FakeAvCn-C presents a bunch of high security risks for the compromised system environment. All fake alerts are fabricated to intimidate and lead computer victims to the virus communicator. And then it imitates legal spyware  to perform automatic scanning of your system. Once it finishes the scanning, this fake software shows high security risks or infections to state that your computer is badly damaged. And you are lured to register the alleged “full” version product to make your computer protected  against threats. Mal/FakeAvCn-C is nothing more than a scam that you should not fall into its trap. For your system’s security, get rid of Mal/FakeAvCn-C instantly upon detection once it is detected with the following manual removal steps.

Mal/FakeAvCn-C symptoms and harms

Once your computer is suffering with Mal/FakeAvCn-C virus, whatever you click on in search page you will get redirected to its purchasing page. You may apply antivirus software to fully scan your computer. All of them can detect and quarantine some ordinary Trojans, malware and so on.  It is ironic your Sophos declares your computer is clean and safe from virus/malware/parasites. But every time you turn on computer, it still comes back constantly.

Step-by-step guides to pick up Mal/FakeAvCn-C fully

No antivirus software can deal with Mal/FakeAvCn-C. Do not give up this time, and removing Mal/FakeAvCn-C manually is your best choice. Manual removal is a difficult process and it is not recommended unless you are an expert in dealing with registry entries, DLL files or other computer skills.

In order to get rid of Mal/FakeAvCn-C fully from your infected computer, you just need to end its related processes, search and remove associated registry values, DLL and then other relevant files.

Pay attention: Mal/FakeAvCn-C is not an ordinary virus but a big threat for delicate computer system lately. No anti-virus can detect and remove Mal/FakeAvCn-C completely. The most effective way is step-by-step removal. And this manual approach requires additional computer knowledge, it is suggested you to back up Windows registry first before carrying out the approach. Inaccurate removal often results in system collapse and the damage or loss of precious data, so it is advisable to get help from an expert computer technician here:

  • author Daniel BardinPublished on January 12th, 2012

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