IT involved in surveillanceAs companies continue to spread out amid increased economic growth, owners and managers must remain vigilant in the fight to protect themselves from various external and internal threats. Risk management has become a more poignant topic in the past few years, especially among small business owners, while new solutions continue to be released to help mitigate issues proactively.

One such example is the utilization of video surveillance equipment and systems, which will assist business owners and their supervisory staff members to better monitor operations, facilities and assets regardless of where they might be at a given time. From retail stores and restaurants to offices and car dealerships, video surveillance is increasingly a critical aspect of corporate stability.

The IT angle
Security Info Watch recently reported that a new study conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group revealed that 91 percent of businesses that have video surveillance capabilities in place are relying upon their IT departments to handle implementation and long-term oversight. The source pointed out that this is substantially higher than the 52 percent recorded in 2011.

“Given the inevitable shift from outdated analog CCTV to superior IP video systems, a number of technical factors – such as network infrastructure requirements, bandwidth usage and data storage consumption – are moving surveillance decisions beyond the realm of physical security to directly impacting IT,” ESG Senior Principal Analyst Jon Oltsik explained, according to the news provider.

Furthermore, Security Info Watch noted that the rapid shifts toward network-based access and control has been driven by greater data storage needs, HD quality and other relevant trends directly impacted by modern video surveillance technology.

Keeping an eye on the Capital Region
Businesses can further improve the efficiency of their operations and strengthen protection of employees, customers, assets and facilities by using these new technologies.

In fact, the most modern and effective video surveillance technology will allow remote monitoring through a web browser, Smartphone, iPad and virtually any other mobile device with Internet access. Easily managed and intuitive solutions represent the new era of video surveillance technology, empowering small business owners in the Capital Region with the same level of protection enjoyed by larger firms, all for a lower price point.

Additionally, small business owners might want to look into hybrid options that are now available to allow utilization of current analog cameras as the foundation on which upgrades and useful features will stand atop.

Peter Farley, Vice President

Tech II Business Services, Inc.