Stronger Security Defenses for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses in Upstate New York

Are you prepared to protect yourself and your business from cybercrime? – Let us show you how.

Research indicates that 60% of small and mid-sized businesses get targeted for cyber attack each year. They also face a disproportional financial risk associated with a data breach.

It’s not just hackers that pose a threat to your business. Accidents can wipe out your data, and localized disasters can cripple your operations.

This threat matrix requires smart, responsive solutions. The Tech II team provides cutting-edge managed security services – using the latest tools, tech, and expertise to secure your data no matter where you work. Our managed cybersecurity services are tailored to address any emerging threats and give you the peace of mind that your information assets are secure around the clock.

We provide secure, end-to-end data backup and recovery solutions, ensuring that your data is always there when you need it most.

What are the Benefits of Tech II Managed Cybersecurity Solutions to Businesses?

  • Business technology professionals and data security professionals on your side
  • Enhanced compliance with existing regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI/DSS, etc.
  • Better cost control and predictability in your budget
  • Improved security with a 50% reduction in the possibility of data breaches from common external threats

Tech II Pro-Business CyberSecurity Solutions for Upstate New York Businesses

Tech II cutting-edge solutions fortify your data assets – whether you use those assets in your office or on the go. How do we do it?

  • Cybersecurity Management – Protecting the data, in-house and cloud assets through proactive IT security management, monitoring, and incident response
  • Data backup and recovery services – Secure data backups locally and send data to offsite locations for smoother, continuous workflow
  • Managed IT Services – Strategically monitoring, maintaining, and securing IT environments to improve uptime and boost workforce productivity
  • Managed Compliance – Automated audit and assessments of your networks and other IT assets to check for compliance with major regulations
  • Threat Mitigation – Proactive monitoring and patching of IT systems against emerging security threats, hackers, viruses, and other malware

Secure IT Assets at a Fraction of the Cost

Our cybersecurity solutions are tailored to address the specific needs of your business while providing affordable end-to-end security for critical information assets. Although each business situation is different, in general, we help companies like yours save on security-related costs while improving reliability, efficiency, and profitability.