Are You at Risk for Data Loss? 

(Blog written by Stacey Gaskell)

What would you do if all of your company’s data were to disappear in an instant?  Imagine the cost associated with recreating all of the information that you need to access every day – your customer information, financials, forms and data.  What kind of man-hours would need to be dumped into a project of that magnitude, eating away at the profits necessary to keep your business afloat and moving forward?

For many people, unfortunately, this is not a hypothetical question.  In the event of a natural disaster, or a cataclysmic failure of your network server, what have you done to ensure that your data is backed up, secure and recoverable?

I spoke with Dan Bardin, CEO of Tech II Business Services, to get his take on this issue and what can be done from the perspective of the MSP (Managed Services Provider) to ensure that businesses are well-prepared for whatever comes their way.  This is his take on the matter:

This is where one of the services offered by an MSP comes into play to make an owner’s or manager’s job easier and to give them peace of mind.  Data Backup and Recovery services (DRaaS) have come a long way over the years and are now customizable to meet the specific needs of every business in its unique environment.  Online back-up services or cloud-based storage may seem like a good idea at first, and it certainly is better than having no disaster recovery plan in place at all, but when it comes time to quickly restore data, depending on the amount of backed up information, a business could be looking at days of streaming that data back to their site once the appropriate equipment is located, if that’s even possible.

An MSP can provide all of these services.  Consider that the worst happened, as it recently did to one of our manufacturers when the building was flooded and their physical network infrastructure was destroyed.  Where would most companies be that do not subscribe to Managed Services?  There are a few important questions to consider before an emergency strikes.

  • If a business has staff working at 2:00 PM on a normal operating day, and their server is suddenly out of service, how many hours of data can they afford lose without it affecting their business’s overall bottom-line? One hour?  Three hours?  A day?  Leveraging an MSP to its fullest extent allows the company to choose this timeframe.  If they cannot afford to lose more than a few hours of data, then increments of all the information on their server(s) can be safely backed up to a remote storage facility at their required  In the industry this timeframe is called Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and essentially, it is the time between backups and the data that could be lost in between backups.
  • Also consider how long this company can afford to be offline while their data is recovered and restored. This is defined as Recover Time Objective (RTO), and is most simply defined as the company’s target time to recovery.  An MSP can work with the business to provide a plan that allows them to be up and running in a timeframe that makes sense to their needs.
  • Lastly, does the company have the staff available on-site to oversee the process of backing up, provide the mechanisms to encrypt and move the data off-site, monitor the integrity of those backups, and restore that data to the appropriate environment – all within their required timeframes?

At Tech II, we will customize your Data Backup & Recovery plan to include monthly, quarterly or annual testing to ensure that your backups are reliably retaining your data and can be restored quickly and efficiently in a time of need.  Don’t leave such an important job to the hands of fate.  Talk to your MSP about the options open to you, make a plan that best meets your needs, and then rest easy knowing that your data is safely and securely stored – ready at a moment’s notice for when you need it most.

Still concerned? Confused? A little of both?  Call Tech II today and set up an appointment with one of our experienced team members to discuss your business needs and what we can do to help put your mind at ease.

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