Running a business of any size requires constant, thoughtful decision making about how to best use your resources to improve your product or service, as well as your bottom line. When it comes to outsourcing talent, some business leaders can get wary about the thought of trusting anyone other than full-time staff to play a role in their business. But managing your company’s information technology (IT) needs internally can be surprisingly costly, and offer more limited services than you may realize.

The solution? Utilize a trusted managed service provider (MSP) to help your business be as efficient as possible while staying current on the technology that keeps your work secure and your communications seamless. Read on to better understanding why outsourcing your IT needs makes sense, and learn how to connect with managed services in Albany, NY to start growing your business today.

Cost: The (Not So) Hidden Cost of Full Time IT Hires

If you’re a small or medium sized business, you already well know the costs associated with hiring and retaining full-time employees. The cost of onboarding alone can be significant, and nothing tops the pain of putting resources and training into a new hire, only to see them move on from your firm after six months. In addition to onboarding costs, in our current economy, a competitive benefits package is essential. When you factor in salary, training costs, plus insurance and benefit time, a full-time hire is a significant investment. While many businesses feel that these costs are the price of doing business to attract and retain talented, loyal staff, another solution is within reach.

Outsourcing your IT needs to an MSP will allow you to streamline your costs so you truly only pay for what you get. If you’ve never worked with a managed service provider in Albany, you might not know what to expect regarding cost. A reputable firm will give you a range of quotes for your needs and budget, so you can make an informed decision about what you need. And, a robust and experienced MSP will begin on day one ready to deliver, unlike a new hire who will require time to adjust and adapt to your business.

Capacity: How an Internal IT Team Can Get Tapped Too Quickly

In many businesses, the “IT guy” is in high demand. If you have a lean IT team, they can get bogged down in spending all of their time on responding to minor IT concerns from employees, and never get a chance to get strategic about your company’s larger IT goals. Without an opportunity to create better systems, full time IT employees can risk getting burned out quickly since they end up solving the same problems over and over again.

Working with an MSP will not only give you access to IT pros with more in-depth skills sets and expertise in all areas of technology, but you’ll also gain a partner who can step back and analyze the day-to-day concerns and create systems and solutions to free up time for the more significant picture concerns, like cybersecurity, surveillance solutions and more.

Control: How Outsourcing Can Give your Leadership The Power to Set Your Business’ IT Agenda

When your entire IT priorities live in the minds of just a few (or even one) IT staffer, it’s hard to maintain control over your business’ technology priorities. Not only can a full time IT team can too easily get sucked into the day-to-day concerns of your staff, but it can be difficult to assess how their time is being spent truly. It’s also possible that full time IT staff may overlook potential efficiency solutions out of fear that their role could be replaced.

Outsourcing IT is an elegant solution that gives business leaders control and transparency around how IT time and resources are being utilized at your firm and gives you a clearer picture of what might be changed to improve efficiency and operations for all of your staff.

Moving Forward Towards an MSP IT Solution That Works

Looking for more resources on how to assess your company’s current IT needs? Tech II Business Solutions is an Albany-Area based IT services company that provides managed IT services to large and small businesses throughout Albany and NY State Capital region. A trusted managed service provider in Albany, Tech II offers a free resource library which includes helpful checklists and guides. Download some of our tools to better inform your decision making, and, if we can be of service, please contact us to learn more about how we can support your business’ comprehensive IT needs.

  • author Daniel BardinPublished on December 13th, 2018

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