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Your Albany business comprises a multitude of working parts or systems.

For example, you have your hardware (servers, computers, printers, copiers, scanners, POS, phones, and more), your software (internal and external programs that run your business), your cloud storage system(s), and much more.

Our IT systems integration services at Tech II aim to merge all of these sub-systems together into one. No matter the breadth and diversity of your systems, we can integrate every aspect into the other for seamless operation of your company.

No more problems that you can’t even track down the source of. No more broken components that end up taking down your entire operation. Our integration services will enable you and your colleagues and employees to combine all of the various subsystems you need and integrate them together for simple and complete technology management.

Why Exactly Is IT Systems Integration Important?

As a business, you want seamless operation on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. For this to happen, however, you need to combine the workings of a multitude of systems and jobs. Today, more than ever before, technology is the foundation of nearly every one of these operations. It’s even penetrated the customer service and human resources departments.

As a result, you need to find a way to match these systems up for optimal compatibility. And most importantly, when you purchase a new system or adopt a new way of doing something, you need to be able to seamlessly integrate that new system into your framework for the least amount of downtime and confusion among your employees (and sometimes, among your clients and customers too).

System integration, or SI for short, is the way in which tech companies like Tech II manage this feat. In particular, it “involves integrating existing, often disparate systems.”

How Tech II Can Assist With Your IT Systems Integration

Tech II can handle the complete system integration of your Albany company.

First, we’ll come into your business and meet with you to discuss your exact needs. We’ll take a look at your current set-up and make recommendations on how we can help you improve your integration and ideally, optimize your operations for better results and improved effectiveness. It’s all about minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Many Albany businesses require our IT systems integration services because of a specific new system they want to incorporate into the rest of their business framework (like a new program or piece of equipment). We can certainly do this for you — including all of the software adjustments and hardware changes or upgrades needed to achieve the integration.

Choosing Managed IT Services Over In-House IT

Technology has helped basically every business in America and beyond. In a multitude of ways, it can take your company to the next level, increase your customer and client base, improve the smoothness of your daily operations, make your employees happier and better at their jobs, and provide a long list of other important benefits.

But technology is still an area with flaws. Natural errors can occur at any time with technology, and tech criminals are becoming increasingly advanced in their attempts at phishing emails, system hacks, and other scams to corrupt your business and steal from you.

Often, businesses of all backgrounds think they can handle these IT challenges and their regular IT services on their own – usually with help from an in-house IT team. While this is a noble endeavor, it rarely works out for the benefit of the company or even for the benefit of the IT workers.

First off, technology problems do happen, but they don’t happen every day. This means there’s a lot of downtime for your IT department, but you still paying them regularly.

Second, when something does go wrong, it’s not uncommon for an internal IT department to have to outsource their needs to a professional IT services company like Tech II. It’s simply a matter of having the right tools and skills. IT service companies deal only in technology, so we always have the ideal tools, resources, and skills to complete any troubleshooting task, fix, new installation, tear down or other challenges in IT.

For these reasons and others, many Albany businesses are turning to managed IT services. With managed IT services, your business hires a third-party company like Tech II to manage every facet of your IT infrastructure.

This means we’re there for you when you need new software installed and new hardware installed, and we’re also there to help with backups, cloud services, firewalls, software and hardware issues, and of course, IT systems integration. There’s a long list of services we provide you with that you simply won’t get from your internal IT department. Moreover, we’re on-call. So you’re not paying us for a full-time or even part-time employees. Instead, you’re simply paying a regular service fee to have us there whenever you need us.

Contact Tech II for Your IT Systems Integration Needs!

If you are in need of business technology services and solutions (including managed IT services) in the Albany and NY state region, contact Tech II today! Our fully-managed IT service offering provides every need you may encounter with your IT network and systems.

Whenever you’re ready to get started, just give us a call!

  • Daniel BardinPublished on January 7th, 2019

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