Tech II Business Services Hires Josh Koons as Director of New Business Development

Albany IT Support ProfessionalTech II Business Services is excited to announce the hiring of Josh Koons as their Director of New Business Development. In this role, Josh will work with the Sales, Service, and Marketing arms of Tech II Business Services to support and grow their large client base with all of their IT needs. He will be working with their vendors to further define their offerings and streamline their internal processes, all to help improve the end result for Tech II Business Services’ growing network of Capital District clients.

The Need For IT-Business Alignment

As technology continues to evolve the capabilities it offers to users in professional spaces, many businesses struggle to keep up. That’s why “Digital Transformation” is one of the biggest buzz phrases going around the business community right now. In fact, two-thirds of CEOs plan to focus on digital transformation by the end of this year alone.

Digital transformation is the initiative to use technology for better business outcomes. It recognizes that technology is changing the face of business:

  • 80% of the workforce operates at least in part from outside the office.
  • Despite that fact, a vast majority (up to 80%) of IT budgets are directed towards “business as usual.”
  • 75% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from you if you know their name, purchase history, and can recommend products/services based on that info.
  • 38% of millennial staff members state that outdated collaboration tools have a negative effect on innovation.

The fact is that, whether you embrace technology or not, the people you interact with (your customers and employees) will expect you to. If you don’t, they’ll work with someone else who does.

That’s why you need to make an effort to understand how technology can affect positive change in the work that you do. From customer experience to workflow optimization, technology is playing a big role in the way businesses operate.

Josh Koons & Tech II Business Services Deliver Support For IT-Business Alignment

Josh Koons brings expertise in both business process development and business technologies, allowing him to provide knowledgeable support for clients that want to align both aspects of their organization.

For the past seven years, Josh Koons has led Business Development at a number of organizations, helping to match new clients with the precise technologies they need to revolutionize their business processes.

Additionally, he has worked in the technology world for well over a decade. On the technical side, Josh Koons brings a number of certifications, including:

  • Fortinet NES 3
  • Storage Craft Sales Pro
  • VMWare Sales Pro (VSP)

The combination of Josh’s experience and expertise will make him an invaluable member of the Tech II Business Services team, providing clients with actionable insight into how to transform their business and align their IT with their goals.

About Tech II Business Services

Tech II Business Services Inc. is a top-rated information systems consulting company in Upstate New York. Founded in 1983 with the vision of providing customers with best in class telecommunications and IT support, the Tech II Business Services team understands the regulatory, budgetary, and unique business nuances of each client. With this grounded understanding of their clients, they can respond as an integral part of the team, striving to meet the goals of their customers. They continue to implement industry best practices in technology, compliance, and infrastructure. They monitor new innovations that allow their customers to focus on growing their businesses while they provide quality Albany IT support and present them with a solid return on their investment.

  • Daniel BardinPublished on October 2nd, 2019

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