Anti Virus and Data Protection For Small to Medium Sized Businesses

“95% of companies nowadays have an anti-virus installed on their network endpoints, but 72% are still infected” -Panda Labs

Yup, you heard that right, or, maybe more accurately, you read that right. In a study carried out by Panda Labs, based on 1.5 million users, 95 percent of the companies had anti-virus installed on their endpoints, yet 72 percent still had malware present on their network. Even more disturbing is the fact that many users were infected without even knowing it. As malware becomes more complex, and more of it goes undetected, it’s more evident than ever that traditional protections are not enough. Maybe it’s time to think about Managed Endpoint Security from Tech II Managed Services.

Approximately 46 percent of the small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have been infected by Internet threats. Typically, 50 percent of SMBs are forced to shut down external network access during serious external attacks. For many businesses, this loss in direct business revenue or lost productivity can be crippling. Let me apologize in advance for repeating myself: Maybe it’s time to think about Managed Endpoint Security.

A few important questions:

  1. Who is finding out about any viruses that are detected by your current solution?
  2. Can your users/employees turn off their protection or scheduled scans?
  3. Wouldn’t you feel safer if security information were aggregated centrally?
  4. Can you afford to have your network shut down to resolve an outbreak or problem?
  5.  Are you using a standard anti-virus tool across your organization?
  6. Is your business type mandated by law to show that your network is properly protected?

Have you had a recent infection?

What would be the consequences if sensitive data or information were stolen from your network?

If any of these questions made you squirm in your chair a little bit, or maybe made your face feel a little warm (with a shade or two of red), then it might be time to evaluate what you are currently doing to ensure that your network and endpoints are secure at all times.Tech II offers Managed Endpoint Security, as well as many other services relating to business continuity.

Call (518) 587-1565 or (800)-948-3242 or contact us online for an assessment of your current security methods and let us help you transition to a solution that best fits your particular environment.

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