IT involved in surveillanceThe workplace has always been filled with risk, and companies have traditionally had to find ways around everyday threats to employee safety, corporate theft and general threats to continuity. The digital revolution, which has effectively placed more valuable technological assets into the average small business, means entrepreneurs must take steps to protect those investments.

While traditional deterrents to theft such as policies and more stringent on-boarding strategies to avoid bringing the threat in are still necessary, companies can now leverage IP cameras that empower managers with more visibility. By placing these cameras throughout the workplace, businesses will be able to cut down on the rate of theft.

3 specific uses
While IP cameras are often used for a variety of purposes, security and safety are often the most common catalysts for the investment. Here are three ways in which IP cameras can protect your business:

Theft prevention: Employee theft is a significant threat to the bottom line. One study released in 2013 estimated that theft in retail stores perpetuated by staff and customers cost nearly $190 million to just 23 companies in the United States, according to Security Info Watch. Regardless of the type of company you run, IP cameras can reduce this risk.

Safety: Business leaders are tasked with creating and sustaining a safe environment in which employees can work. IP cameras enhance the visibility in situations that are often the most dangerous, such as those that involve employee fights and a manager is not present. Much in the way these investments protect against theft, they will also boost staff safety.

Lawsuits and more: Many companies are beginning to store their information in digital environments such as data centers. Aside from protecting the equipment itself, IP cameras can help to ensure that physical break-ins are identified with ease; reducing the risk of lawsuits, breach and other issues. Additionally, when handling data that could be used in a lawsuit, this will add an extra level of security in the discovery process.

At the end of the day, IP cameras allow corporate leaders to keep an eye on the workplace and staff no matter where they are, and can be a boon to security in small business. If you would like a free demonstration on how Axis Communication IP cameras can help protect your business, contact Tech-II online or give us a call at 1-800-948-3242.

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