Great IT people are hard to find. That’s why many area companies are turning to outsourcing IT services in Albany to meet their technical needs.

With an Albany managed services provider, you have an alternative to hiring internal IT employees. An outsourced IT service provider has a broader set of skills and expertise in all technology areas. Whether it’s IT services, surveillance solutions, security or business telephones, an IT service provider offers a comprehensive, reliable solution that saves you money in the long run while improving your technology at every turn.

Won’t Outsourcing IT Be More Expensive?

Most companies think of their IT department as a cost center and are justified to do so. Even a low-level IT person’s salary might be $50,000, depending on the area and market. That’s not to mention the benefits, certifications, training and overhead costs associated with a new hire. There’s often a hefty amount of time needed to get a new person up to speed on all the systems and applications that need to be monitored and maintained. If that new hire leaves quickly, you’re starting the process all over.

With outsourced IT, you pay a set monthly fee that covers most services. You’ll know what your expenses will be and won’t be responsible for benefits, office space or professional development expenses.

The reality is that a managed services provider has a deeper bench of talent with the experience and skills to address routine and complex issues quickly. When you have a vacancy in your IT department, many processes and projects can lapse. With a managed IT provider, you have continuity of service and support at all times.

What Kinds of Services Are Provided?

Your internal IT staff can only do so much. That’s why it’s essential to have a partner that can provide a full array of services that improve your tech. Before deciding what services you need, you should engage a managed service provider in assessing your current technology and working with you to develop a strategic plan. Your partner will work with internal IT staff to build and deploy a solution that meets critical business objectives.

Managed IT services are designed to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce security risk, improve network and system output, and monitor for cyber attacks. A comprehensive managed IT solution covers every aspect of your IT network. At Tech II, a premier Albany managed services provider, we offer the following suites of managed services:

  • Cloud-based server and application hosting
  • Remote and on-site help desk support, including diagnostics and issue resolution
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Remote server and desktop management
  • Asset management and vendor management
  • Offsite data backups
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Hosted corporate email and internet
  • Hosted spam and virus filtering
  • Disaster recovery

With a managed services provider looking out for these tasks, you and your employees can focus on more business-critical tasks.

How Can An Outsourced IT Provider Help With Our Infrastructure?

Your technology infrastructure is the backbone for all the other services and functions you need. Keeping your infrastructure maintained and optimized is a daunting challenge for many internal staffs. Tech II integrates technologies and facilities to develop a cost-effective IT infrastructure that’s optimized for peak performance. We work on each stage of the infrastructure development, from assessment to design to implementation to training.

Tech II offers many infrastructure services that help support your business, including:

  • Business telephone systems. Reliable voice communication is essential for any busy business. We provide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) solutions. We liaison with your internet service provider and phone service provider to ensure you’re getting the best deals and performance. We can assess your current local, long-distance, dedicated line and Internet solutions and recommend consolidation, expansion and cost-saving changes.
  • Cabling services. We wire businesses for success, whether it’s copper, fiber-optic or coaxial cabling. We can also design, implement and cable a multi-service communication room.
  • IT systems. Our engineers, consultants and account managers can recommend, install, configure and maintain your infrastructure; install and maintain workstations, laptops and tablets; install rack, network and server components; and manage vendor relationships for your hardware and software contracts and warranties.
  • Network infrastructure. Keeping users and devices connected reliably is a business imperative. Phones, laptops, workstations, and smartphones need to be interconnected to access servers, files, printers and users. Our system engineers can design, purchase and install the necessary infrastructure components, including firewall systems, racks, routers, switches and wireless systems. We’ll also provide the employee training and ongoing maintenance to keep your network running.
  • Video surveillance. We partner with leading surveillance providers to provide high-resolution solutions that allow you to view, record and play back video. Our solutions can recognize faces and license plates, deter vandalism and workplace violence, and lower insurance rates.

When you need a reliable, effective and secure IT solution, you need more than an internal IT hire can provide. Turn to Tech II to support your Albany-area business. Our solutions transform the way business is done, resulting in cost savings, better performance and more productive employees. To learn more about our managed IT services, contact us today.

  • author Daniel BardinPublished on December 1st, 2018

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