Twice a year, whether we like it or not, we either set the clocks ahead an hour or back an hour. Most newer phone systems will automatically change the time for you, but every spring and fall we receive a large number of service calls where customers are asking if we will change the time on their phone system. While we don’t mind doing this for our customers, we figured we’d post some phone system time change instructions that our technicians use when changing a phone system’s time. For those of you with a comfort level to attempt this on your own, use these guidelines to assist you with the process compliments of Tech II.

1. Iwatsu Phone System

To Change the Time in the Display:

Go to the system phone that has the E911C and/or Night key (usually the main Reception phone) and Do Not pick up the handset.

  1. Press the ICM key (Intercom key)
  2. Press the FEAT key (Feature key)
  3. Dial 64
  4. Enter the new time in military style; for example 9:00 a.m. is 0900 and 2:00 p.m. is 1400
  5. Once you have entered the new time, you will hear a confirmation tone
  6. Press the SPKR (Speaker) key and you are finished

2. Onboard Iwatsu Adix Voicemail (Not for ESNA)

Access the Voicemail system by Calling the Main Auto Attendant (from a remote location) or from on site:

If you have an Iwatsu VS:  Dial 710

If you have an Iwatsu ECS:  Dial 600

PLEASE NOTE: You may have a custom voicemail access code.  If the above code does not work for you, you will need to dial your custom code.

This will bring you to the Main Greeting.  Once you hear the main greeting:

  1. Dial #
  2. Dial the Extension number of the main phone (This is the same phone from which you changed the time above)
  3. Login with the main phone’s voicemail password
  4. Press for System Management
  5. Press for Set or Review the System Time
  6. Press to Review the System Time
  7. Press to Set System Time if needed
  8. When complete, hang up

3. Enterprise TOL and ADIX TOL Systems

Time changes in all Enterprise TOL and ADIX TOL systems are controlled by the Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft Windows provides for automated Daylight Savings Time changes based upon the time zone setting at installation. If Windows is set for automatic Daylight Savings Time change it will follow the old Daylight Savings Time schedule and therefore should be upgraded. If the upgrade is not performed the automatic Daylight Savings Time update should be disabled and performed manually. Information on software patches and upgrades for Microsoft operating systems are available at Search under “Daylight Savings Time” and you will find links to information on each Windows version. Depending on the age of the TOL system it may have been shipped with either a Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system.

4. NEC DS1000, NEC DS2000, NEC DSX Series Versions 1 and 2 Phone Systems

Change the time on phone display:

At the Attendant phone (The main phone that may have the NIGHT key and can program system speed dials):

  1. Do not lift up the handset, but keep the phone idle
  2. Press #83
  3. Enter time in 24-hour format
  4. Press HOLD
  5. Enter date
  6. Press HOLD
  7. Press the SPKR key to hang up

5. NEC DSX Version 3

Change the time on phone display:   At the Attendant phone

  1. Do not lift up the handset, but keep the phone idle
  2. Press #83
  3. You will see 01:Time in the display
  4. Press Select
  5. Enter time in 24-hour format
  6. Press Save
  7. You will hear a confirmation tone
  8. Press the Speaker key to exit programming


Change the date on phone display:  At the Attendant phone

  1. Do not lift up the handset, but keep the phone idle
  2. Press #83
  3. You will see 01:Time in the display
  4. Press Next and you will see 02:Date
  5. Press Select
  6. Enter the date
  7. Press Save
  8. Press the Speaker key to exit programming

6. PARTNER Phone Systems

System Time (#103) (only at extension 10 or 11)

Use this feature to set the time that appears on system display telephones.


  • Enter the time in 24-hour notation. In this scheme, the hours of the day are 0000 (12 midnight) to 2359 (11:59 p.m.). Since each time must have four digits, use leading zeros when necessary.
  • The time appears on system display phones as a.m. or p.m. (not in 24-hour notation).


To change the System Time:

  1. Press Feature 00
  2. Press System Program, System Program (Which is the left intercom key)
  3. Press #103 at extension 10 or 11.
  4. Enter a new time in 24-hour notation. For example, to set the time to 2:15 p.m., press 1415.

A display similar to the following appears:

System Time

Data 1415

This time appears on system display phones as 2:15 p.

Select another procedure, or exit programming mode. (Feature 00) to exit programming

Turn OFF Automatic Daylight/Standard Times (#126)–Release3.0 or Later

This feature automatically updates the system clock for the OLD annual Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time changes. You must turn this feature off since the daylight savings time has changed in USA.

7. Omega-Phone 924 Phone Systems

For a Phone:

  1. Press: Feature
  2. Press: #*
  3. Password: 000000
  4. Press: SHOW
  5. Dial: 415,
  6. Press: SHOW
  7. Press: SHOW, again
  8. Press: CHG & enter the Year
  9. Press: Save
  10. Press: Next
  11. Press: CHG & scroll through to select the current month
  12. Press: Next
  13. Press: CHG & Enter the current day of the month 01-31
  14. Press: Save
  15. Press: Next
  16. Press: CHG & scroll through to select the current day of the week
  17. Press: Save
  18. Press: Next
  19. Press: CHG & enter the Hour (24 hour format) For example: 1:00pm is entered as 13:00
  20. Press: Save
  21. Press: Next
  22. Press: CHG & enter the Minutes 00-59
  23. Press: Save
  24. Press: Next

When done press the Speaker key, until your phone has the Day and Time on it

8. Samsung Phone Systems Including: DCS, DCS Compact, DCS 50si, DCS 400si, iDCS 500, iDCS 100, DS 616andSamsung Voice mail Systems Including: SVMi-4, SVMi-8, and Cadence

This is a multi-step process which involves entering administrator level programming and then setting the date and time.  Programming can only be done from a 12 or 24 button display telephone.

  1. With your handset on-hook, press TRSF and then dial 200. Your display then shows ENABLE CUS. PROG.


  1. Dial your 4-digit pass code 1234 (which is the default pass code).  The display then shows ENABLE CUS. PROG.


  1. Dial 1 to enable. The display now shows ENABLE CUS. PROG.


  1. Press SPKR and then dial 505.The display then shows the current date and time setting on your system.  Below shows: Monday, April 7, 2003, 9:30 AM.

OLD: 0  04   07   03  :  09  30

  1. Enter the correct date using the dial pad as follows:
    W= Day of the week (0-6; Week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday)
    MM= Month (01-12)
    DD= Day of the month (01-31)
    YY= Last two digits of the year (01)
    HH= Hour (Use 24 hour clock and enter the range of 00-23)
    MM= Minutes (00-59)
  2. Press TRSF to store and exit programming.  If you have entered invalid data, you will receive an INVALID ENTRY message for three seconds.  Reenter the date and time.

The new date and time will now be updated for all LCD phones on the system.  Some internal voice mail systems use this time and date setting.  These include SVMi-4, SVMi-8, and Cadence voice mail systems.

9. Avaya MAGIX and Legend Telephone Systems

    1. Go to the Main phone.
    2. Press System
    3. Press Time
    4. Press Drop
    5. Dial current time (0000–2359)
    6. Press Enter
    7. Press Back

10. TELEKOL Voice Mail Systems

  1. Dial your voicemail access code. It is either a via a VM key, MSG key etc.  You should hear the main greeting.
  2. Press the * key and mailbox 999
  3. Access code is 9876.
  4. Press 9 for Administrative Options (This is a Hidden message).
  5. Press 3 for System Configuration
  6. Press 3 for Set Time, follow the prompts
  7. When finish just hang up.