Managed ServicesSmall and medium-sized businesses in virtually every sector have become more dependent upon technology in the past few years, as evidenced by the mass migration of information into digital environments and the rapid spread of mobile devices. While virtually all of these new trends, tools and techniques are meant to strengthen a company’s operational performance, they have created several major pressure points and strains for the average business owner.

Although leaders always have the choice of simply not implementing a new strategy or piece of technology, this will often result in a significant competitive disadvantage, as cloud computing, enterprise mobility and digital information management bolster profit margins. Luckily, business owners have the alternative option to tap providers of managed services for a wealth of support.

Major concerns to remember
In terms of technological deployments, concerns of the decision-makers will generally fall into three categories – security, productivity and efficiency. After all, the whole point of implementing novel IT capabilities is to streamline operational procedures and step into more competitive personas in the marketplace.

  • Security: Since the beginning of 2014, countless major data breaches and security issues have hit the major news, sending chills through the private and public sectors. In many cases, especially among SMBs, the challenges and complexities of IT security are just to weighty to manage without support.
  • Productivity: Outages and service disruptions can quickly turn a workplace upside down, hindering productivity and damaging employee engagement. Again, with so many new tools and frameworks entering the corporate infrastructure, many SMBs have struggled to keep up with the backend support structures.
  • Efficiency: From compliance audits and data protection practices to device support and Help Desk functions, IT departments are increasingly strained in the current SMB sector. This minimizes the chances that the employees therein would be able to focus on more strategic processes or boost operational performance on a wide scale.

Businesses that are suffering from these types of issues can find a helpful resource in managed services. Providers of these services have become more intelligent and flexible than ever before, providing enhanced system resilience to outages or disruption, more consistent security performances, heightened productivity enablement and efficient oversight of IT.

Decision-makers who want to capitalize using new tools and technologies, rather than see their operations hindered by them, should consider looking into managed services in the Capital Region, as local providers will often be the best choice for these matters.

  • author Daniel BardinPublished on May 13th, 2014

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