Protect your assetsAs companies continue to accelerate their IT provisioning procedures in light of increased dependence on a variety of new solutions, asset protection must be a high priority moving forward. Simply deploying new technological and communications frameworks without having any type of oversight or security procedures in place can lead to devastating consequences for every firm.

To make matters a bit more complex, the revitalized economy has led many small and medium-sized businesses to begin branching out, opening new operating facilities far from their main locations. Traditionally, this could have led to significant strain on budgets, as security staff would be required to man the helm at each workplace. However, thanks to new video surveillance solutions, asset protection can be significantly improved.

A growing market
Although some business owners might feel as though video surveillance investments are overkill, and do not want to become akin to George Orwell’s Big Brother, these tools are becoming increasingly necessary. One recent study conducted by MarketResearchReports revealed that video surveillance purchases, specifically those that are purchased as-a-Service, are growing on the global scale.

According to the study, Video Surveillance-as-a-Service – which is comprised of hardware, software and support solutions offered by outsourced firms – are being increasingly viewed as necessary and powerful tools in preventing crimes. Although shopping malls, ATMs and banks are still the most common locations for these tools to be implemented, businesses are leveraging frugal solutions to afford the same types of controls.

Furthermore, the analysts noted that businesses are leveraging video surveillance systems to ensure workplace safety and mitigate other risks which can be sidestepped with the added oversight of facilities and personnel.

Video surveillance in the Capital Region
Small and medium-sized firms might benefit from using solutions providers who are located nearby, as this will streamline matters when adjustments, corrections and other processes need to take place. With expertly managed video surveillance systems, entrepreneurs will be able to increase the efficiency of their business while strengthening both employee and customer safety.

Furthermore, video surveillance systems can work to decrease the risk of violence, harassment and poor customer service, deter vandalism and prevent the loss of assets that would occur when no oversight frameworks are in place.

At the end of the day, modern surveillance solutions can work to efficiently protect the assets that mean most to a given business.