Looking for ways to make your Schenectady NY business more profitable, more efficient, and better staffed?

Leveraging advances in technology to your advantage is one of the absolute best ways to achieve this.

There’s just one problem.

It’s likely your business isn’t focused on technology; you simply use it. As a burgeoning, growing company, then, you shouldn’t have to revamp your entire goal-set and retrain all your employees just to effectively understand and harness technology.

Instead … let another business do this.

Outsourcing your IT services to an IT company in Schenectady is the ultimate way to improve your business. The benefits are innumerable.

Still, you’ll need to choose the right IT company in Schenectady NY if you want to achieve your goals — and this means asking the right questions.

The Top 8 Questions to Ask Potential Schenectady IT Services Companies

There are numerous Schenectady IT companies to choose from, but rest assured that not all of them will have the services and focus you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that once you make your choice, you’ll want to avoid changing IT partners. This process can be annoyingly complicated and expensive — all the more reason to hire right from the get-go.

Do this by asking the right questions from the start. Here are 8 to get you started:

1. How long have you been in the IT business?

Start by inquiring into their business history. You want to work with a company that’s well-established, but it doesn’t have to be the oldest or the most renowned company in Schenectady NY. For the most part, you’re looking for at least a year or two of experience and solid qualifications for the founders and all employees.

2. What’s your past experience like?

What other companies do they work with or have they worked with in the past? Why did they decide to form their IT company?

What credentials do the founders and employees have? Are these the employees who would be helping you during service calls or software training?

3. Is your business growing?

You want an IT business that’s growing, certainly. But don’t forget that a company that’s growing too fast may not be able to give you the attention you need and deserve.

4. What’s your response time like if we have questions or problems?

There are two main needs that any quality IT company should be able to fulfill: 1) A strong understanding and implementation of technology to help your business and 2) Fast and adequate responsiveness and communication when you need help.

As one of their clients, you need to know that both of these needs will be met. Unfortunately, many IT companies drop the ball on #2: communication. Get details from prospective IT companies concerning how they’ll handle communication and response time for your business.

5. Will our employees need to be trained? How does that work?

Often, hiring a new IT company means adding new software to your daily business routine. And this means training for yourself and your employees.

Make sure you know if your new IT company plans on implementing new software and what training will be like for your employees.

6. Let’s say we’re ready to sign-on — what’s the process like?

Sometimes, IT companies are excited to sign-on new clients, but their process is long and drawn-out — often because they already have too many clients to handle. When you ask potential IT companies what needs to happen before you start working together, they should have a succinct answer for you. They should also be eager to begin as soon as possible.

7. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest technologies?

As technology is always changing, ask potential IT companies how they keep up with the changing times and IT advances. If you have specific pain points that you want to address with the aid of new technology, ask them how they’d handle these issues. It’s okay if they don’t have the exact answers right away, but they should know where to go to get them.

8. Can we speak to your other clients for a reference?

Lastly, ask to speak with some of their other clients — preferably those who they’ve worked with for some time. If they can’t provide you with any references, take note. This may be a less-than-stellar sign that they’re too young to have consistent clients or that they don’t have any long-term clients who would recommend them.

Getting Started Outsourcing Your Schenectady Business IT

Ultimately, finding the right IT services company in Schenectady is all about doing your research. Once you find a company who can provide answers you’re happy with, make sure they know your company as well.

Look for clues that they’ve researched or have experience with your industry, and take their initial interview as an example of how they’ll probably work in the future. If they’re late, disorganized, unfriendly, or don’t seem “on the ball,” that’s probably how they’ll be to work with. Always follow your intuition, and when you finally do find a company you’re excited by, trust your gut and sign-on with them fast — before they’re all booked up.

  • Daniel Bardin Daniel BardinPublished on October 31st, 2018

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