In the modern marketplace, many small and medium-sized businesses are beginning to recognize the importance of data protection and loss prevention. This has been evidenced by the massive growth in the cloud backup market, while more companies are doing a better job of preparing for major threats to continuity and information governance.

data-backupHowever, cloud backup is only one aspect of an endlessly complex framework of requirements that go into the comprehensive management of recovery and continuity. For example, if the systems used to access cloud backup and storage environments are disrupted, the files therein will be likewise knocked out of operation for a given amount of time.

This was the topic of a previous story which asserted backup alone is simply not enough, but must be combined with other recovery procedures.

A stronger approach to disaster recovery and continuity would entail virtualized machines and systems along with duplicated data in cloud-based environments.

As many SMBs will struggle to properly implement and manage these types of procedures, partnering with an IT service provider can be the best option. Managed service providers that provide Upstate NY IT infrastructure solutions can not only help take care of continuity and recovery needs, but a wide breadth of other technological requirements as well.

Peter Farley

Tech II Business Services, Inc.