The maturation of today’s leading social media companies is fascinating to observe. Each is striving to employ unique techniques that will enable them to make money or to capture marketing eyeballs with their services. Some organizations are making moves that smack of admirable foresight, while others are strategically reactive.

My swami core tells me that social media will be transformed into your Personal Space. Your Space will handle not only your social engagement with friends and colleagues, but also incorporate business applications and software.

The first salvo came when Facebook began offering Skype services (Microsoft owned). This was in direct response to Google+ (not released to the GP) offering video chat. Google is also working on incorporating Google Docs into their social media platform.

Because Microsoft has already rolled out its 365 Cloud software, it’s very easy to see a Microsoft plugin or being developed into Facebook, to counter Google Docs implementation into Google+.

It has also been noted that Google added circles into its product offering, which allow privacy controls for each group’s information.

That sounds a lot like collaborative software to me. It’s not too difficult to see how document sharing and editing could be easily added to that platform.

With that said does that make social media a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for all things social and business? Will it continue to make sense to have multiple portals for business software, client engagement, social networking, e-mail, IM, voice/ video calls and unified communications?

Now that cloud computing has begun to clarify its mission, I can’t see the major companies not leveraging their dominance in the industry. Of course the usual questions are still there concerning security and vendor lock-in, but I believe that cloud security is at a much higher level than on an  individual corporate basis. Derek Jeter hit his 3000th out of the park let’s see what the heavy hitters can do.

  • Daniel Bardin Daniel BardinPublished on July 13th, 2011

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