Structured Cabling Services In Albany, NY

There are many benefits to using structured cabling for your business. Here are 5 main reasons structured cabling can be a smart business move that boosts your bottom line.  

If you aren’t a big tech person and don’t know what the term structured cabling means, you aren’t alone. To break it down into simple terms, structured cabling is just standard communications wiring. It’s branched off into smaller cabling (structured) spread throughout the place that it’s needed.

This type of setup allows large or small businesses, campuses, commercial buildings, apartments, and warehouses to be connected to reliable phone (voice communications) and internet wiring (data). That also includes other devices, such as computers, fax machines, printers, data processors, and even all wireless devices like tablets and smartphones. All the technology you need to run your business will be based on using the right structured cabling.

Structured Cabling For Your Albany, NY Business Is Smart

There are many benefits to using structured cabling for your business. Here are 5 main reasons structured cabling can be a smart business move.

Reason #1: Moving Office Configurations Is a Snap

If you have the type of office setup that needs frequent rearranging to accommodate new staff members, renovations, or mobile cubicles, structured cabling is perfect for this. Any type of device just gets plugged in quickly so it’s setup and ready to go. The configurations are already there for them to use. So moving a computer, printer, fax machine, or phone system isn’t going to be an all day job for your IT people to tackle. Any employee will be able to change their office setup with ease.

Reason #2: Less Downtime

Connectivity problems are fixed much faster with structured cabling. There is much less downtime for your employees and fewer crashes to worry about. That means business, as usual, will go on without IT problems getting in the way of the work that needs to be done on a daily basis.

Reason #3: Faster

With higher bandwidth, structured cabling is just much more efficient. It allows for super-fast data processing in commercial buildings. The speed you can have large quantities of data transferred is just phenomenal. The faster you can make work happen, is just better overall for your bottom line plain and simple.

Reason #4: A Clean Look

The look of structured cabling is clean, without a glut of messy wires going to different systems everywhere. There is a big room where all the wires are held, but the look of the overall office will be tidy. That means there won’t be any random wires all over the office that you don’t have any idea of what they do.

Reason #5: Easier to Fix Problems

The way that structured cables are setup makes it much easier to fix problems that arise. The cables are very specific to each location the wires are going to. Your telecommunications specialists will be able to identify any issues your employees are having with service or connectivity faster. That ultimately means any problems will be solved much quicker getting your staff right back to work.

With all these reasons on why modern structured cabling is an important asset for your business, it’s easy to see why you should probably make the change as soon as possible.

  • Daniel BardinPublished on September 12th, 2019

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