A Guide To Selecting A New Tech Company In Albany NY

As your business grows and changes, having a few IT staff inhouse may not be enough to meet your needs. Hiring an IT firm can help you ensure all of your technology-related concerns are addressed promptly by experts in the industry. But selecting a new IT firm to hire and trust with your business affairs can be challenging, particularly if you have very little expertise with computers, software and system administration. Deciphering the industry jargon to get a better idea of what services you need help with can be a time-consuming process. If you are looking for some simple ways to make the process of choosing a new IT firm easier, here are a few questions you can ask to narrow things down.

Do They Handle Services in House?

Some tech companies in Albany NY will outsource a portion of the work they do to lower paid workers in overseas nations. While these workers may be qualified to work on technology, there may be language barriers and time zone issues that prevent them from completing the work you wanted in the way you specify. This can lead to issues as the work done may not correspond to what you wanted, requiring things to be done more than once. Dealing with a locally based team that can address all your needs and meet with you in person to explain what the work entails.

Are They Prepared to Offer Managed IT Services?

One of the options you have is to sign up for a managed IT service plan, which will enable you to work with the IT firm for a set amount of hours monthly. This keeps your IT expenses uniform, except for those months where you choose to pay for more services. Under this type of plan, the IT firm will maintain and fix any hardware you need to have in office, like printers, monitors, scanners and servers. They’ll order and stock vital supplies like ink, toner and paper to keep your office running smoothly. This leaves any in house IT staff free to work on daily issues that may arise.

Managed IT services help your business in a number of ways, including:

  • Gives you a trained professional resource to contact anytime you have questions that in house IT staff can’t address
  • Allows you to keep your IT expenses within the budget you set monthly
  • Permits your IT staff to focus on more important projects and troubleshooting daily problems
  • Eliminates issues with printer supply ordering and related shortages that stop business from progressing

Firms that don’t offer managed IT services can end up costing you more over time, especially if an emergency occurs and you need to pay market rate for their help. If the firm you are interviewing does not offer managed IT services, you may find it harder to keep your expenses uniform.

Can They Assist With Strategic IT Planning?

While you may have an IT manager or staff in-house, he or she might not be equipped to speak to the best new technology or programs to integrate into your office. Choosing a firm that has the experience to speak on these matters can save you from wasting time and money investing in the wrong technology. An IT firm with experience helping companies from different industries can speak to labor costs, product related expenses and the issues that may arise as your team gets used to working with new technology. They can assist with setup and training to make the process of integrating new technology as easy as possible.

What Response Time Can You Expect in an Emergency?

The time it takes to respond to an IT related emergency can be a crucial factor in how well your company recovers from it. For example, a website outage at one of the peak times that clients visit your site can cause you to lose money as they choose to visit a competitor’s site. It’s important to choose a firm that responds to your issues quickly no matter when they arise. When you interview potential providers, ask them what kind of response time you can expect and if the service level agreement (SLA) you sign will specify how quick they will respond. This helps set an objective standard you can hold them to month over month.

Are They Up To Date On The Latest Cyber Threats?

The internet is a dangerous place for businesses, who can become the target of hackers and other cybercriminals. You may not see your business as a potential target, but remember that some cybercriminals have different goals. They may target you as part of a sophisticated scheme to extract a ransom from you, or delve into your customer information to try to steal identities. Even a small business can be a suitable target for them. Protecting yourself against these threats takes a multifaceted approach, so the IT firm you choose should be up to date on all the potential threats and ways to protect against them. In addition to responding to any threats that arise, a qualified firm should take steps to protect you, such as updating anti-virus software and informing you and our staff of new threats to be aware of as you work.

If you’re looking for a new IT services provider who can handle everything to need, from advising you on new technology purchases to helping you defend yourself against possible cyber attacks, Tech II Business Solutions can help. As one of the leading IT providers in Albany, NY, we work with businesses of every size to help them grow and prosper. Contact us today to find how our managed IT services can work for your business.