This the letter from our client:

Dear Dan,

I just wanted to take a moment to say what a pleasure it is working with your staff. I recently had a problem with the laptop that I use to work from home. It was a tough problem to diagnose because there was nothing obviously wrong, just intermittent slowness and connectivity problems. Kevin was kind and diligent enough to work on the computer on and off all last weekend. We thought he had it fixed until the problems resumed Monday night and were even worse. David was handed the problem yesterday, and when he couldn’t solve things from your office he offered to come to my home. Here, he found that the problem may have been caused by my neighbors pirating in on my wireless signal. Since he put a lock on it everything has been fine. Hopefully the problem is resolved, but whether it is, or not, I just want you to know how impressed I am with your staff. This time it was Kevin and David helping me out, however, in the past in our office I have also had exceptional service from Derrick, Darren, Pamela, Lawanna, Chris, Dale, John and many more just as wonderful peolewhose names are excaping me at the moment. As a company, you must be doing something right to have developed such a dedicated personable team. Our practice is very fortunate to have Tech-II looking out for our “IT” interests. Please thank everyone for us!

Happy Holidays!