Have you ever considered outsourcing your Technology? If not, you aren’t alone. Most small businesses never give it a try, even though they should.

Downtime and offline time costs you time, money, and maybe customers. Just like you budget for car maintenance and repairs, creating a budget for maintaining all your technology devices will save you money in the long run. Here are some of the reasons technology consulting really is worth what it costs:

  • Technology Consulting costs less than you think. Most organizations can be helped within a few hours or less. It can fill your technology gaps at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee (typically 25-50 percent less than even one full-time staff member). Managed service plans are typically less than what it would cost to purchase all the software you need separately.
  • Technology Consulting can help you budget more accurately
    Small to medium-sized businesses are able to access the kind of skills and advice offered by information technology experts usually only available to larger corporations.
  • Technology Consulting can help you spot future problems and fix them before they become real problems.
    By reviewing your current technology and monitoring your network 24/7, a Technology Consultant can spot items that are likely to fail or cause bottlenecks before they become real problems.
  • Technology Consulting is available 24/7-365 days a year.
    I know, you’ve “got a guy” who handles your technology. Is your “guy” knowledgeable in ALL the areas you need managed? Is your “guy” available all the time? What about when “your guy” is sick, or on vacation? Is “your guy” up-to-date on all of the latest technology, or is this learning taking place on company time?
  • Technology Consulting can offer disaster recovery if there is a natural disaster or any other event that causes your hardware to fail.

When you start adding up all the costs of the software you use (anti-virus, back-up, etc.) you start to see how Technology Consulting saves you money, while keeping you current with the latest software and releases.

Technology Consulting begins with a good conversation with someone who knows technology and will take the time to understand where you’re going. When you consider what can come from it, Technology Consulting is something that’s worth the low cost. Call us today at 800-948-3242 to start the conversation of how Technology Consulting can benefit your business.