When you need the top among IT companies in Albany, NY, Tech II Business Services is the right choice.

When it comes to tech companies Albany NY businesses have many options for IT services. That’s why we offer our one provider solution, which allows companies to avoid multi-vendor conflicts, streamline deployment and reduce overall IT costs. With a broad array of available services, Tech II helps Capital District companies solve their most pressing business challenges.

Albany IT Companies

How Does Tech II Help Companies To Reduce Costs

With managed IT services, companies have a comprehensive suite of services that keep IT services, network infrastructure and cloud solutions operating at peak efficiency. Managed IT solutions provide companies with a predictable monthly price.

Managed IT saves your company money in several ways:

  • Reduced operational expenses with solutions that optimize your technology, eliminate redundancies and configure your network to optimize performance
  • Cost continuity that gives you a known, fixed price that covers core upgrades, monitoring and continuing maintenance
  • Fewer IT personnel costs as internal staffing levels can be reduced or employees reallocated to other critical needs
  • More efficient operations due to improved reliability and functionality

The structural optimization and financial savings driven by managed IT solutions help reduce your ongoing expenses across the company.

For Managed IT Services, What Do Tech Companies Albany NY Offer?

When developing a managed IT services solution, Tech II provides a range of products. We custom-design each managed IT solution to meet our clients’ specific needs. Managed IT offerings include:

  • 24/7 help-desk services with remote diagnostics and user support to solve most hardware and software problems
  • Remote desktop and server management, including automated upgrades to firmware and software
  • Hosted corporate email applications
  • Hosted anti-spam and anti-virus filtering
  • Disaster recovery
  • Proactive infrastructure maintenance
  • Asset management
  • Hosted internet vaulting
  • Certified ethical hacking

How Can Tech II Support Our Mobile Workforce?

Mobile device management is essential as more employees work from the road or home offices and companies rely on remotely located contractors. Most companies today use bring-your-own-device policies, meaning there is a more significant risk exposure.

Our managed mobile device solutions help keep information and devices protected, including:

  • Standardized device security and compliance configurations
  • Fast and simple device provisioning
  • Remote wiping of lost or stolen devices
  • Tracking device locations via GPS
  • Mobile asset tracking and reporting

Why Should Tech Companies Albany NY Consider Cloud Solutions?

More Albany businesses manage portions of their business via the cloud. Cloud technologies allow for greater scalability and speed. There are considerable advantages to hosting data and applications in the cloud, including:

  • Reduced capital costs. When your information is stored in the cloud, you no longer need to pay for the on-site servers and related infrastructure. You also eliminate the costs of housing, cooling, powering and maintaining complex in-house technology bundles.
  • Global access. With a cloud solution, employees can access information and functionality no matter where they are on any device or operating system.
  • Scalability. When your data and applications are in the cloud, your company can grow rapidly, without the need to purchase additional servers or other technology. Additional storage can be requisitioned on demand, allowing businesses to address emerging needs quickly.
  • Disaster recovery. Natural disasters and cyber attacks can have a debilitating effect on small- and medium-sized businesses. With cloud solutions, your data and applications are backed up and stored offsite in multiple locations. In the event of a disaster, your business can continue normal operations with little to no disruption to customers or employees.
  • Improved collaboration. Cloud solutions allow your employees to collaborate with shared documents and data. Employees can work on documents at the same time and gain access to updates in real-time.

How Can I Improve My Company’s Infrastructure?

While the cabling, data rooms and routers are not the most exciting part of your technology solution, they are the backbone of all your apps and functionality. Tech II can assess your infrastructure and identify opportunities for better design, device optimization and performance improvement. With the right technology in place, your employees will be able to leverage your technology innovations fully.

Your infrastructure also means having the phone systems and video surveillance systems that let you deliver reliable communications and keep locations protected. Our voice over internet protocol (VoIP), business telephony and advanced PBX solutions provide the right communications solutions for your needs.

How Can I Keep My Company’s IT Protected?

Today’s cyber threats require comprehensive approaches. Our solutions include advanced firewalls that protect and detect. Constant network monitoring ensures that unusual or unwanted activity is detected, contained and eradicated before serious damage can be done.

At the user level, anti-virus, anti-phishing and anti-spam programs are installed on each connected device. These programs run continuously and are updated automatically to combat any emerging threats.

At Tech II, we have solutions designed to help your business solve your most pressing business needs. Let us handle your technology so you can focus on your core business. To learn more about Tech II solutions, contact us today.