In today’s business world, data back-up is no longer just a “big business” concern.

The “what if” factor of potential data loss can be crippling for businesses of all sizes and, in some cases, more critical to the small to mid-sized business owner. In addition to loss of data, major areas of concern are:

Lost sales and income
Delayed sales or income
Increased expenses (e.g., overtime labor, outsourcing, expediting costs, etc.)
Regulatory fines
Contractual penalties or loss of contractual bonuses
Customer dissatisfaction or defection
Delay of new business plans

These areas of consideration are part of a comprehensive Business Impact Assessment (BIA)

As a business owner, it is critical to understand the two major types of data backup to determine which one would best serve you if data recovery becomes necessary. Files should be backed up nightly to a separate location other than your primary business site in the unfortunate event of fire or theft.

Managed Image backup: Image backup provides a complete copy of the drive, including the operating system drivers file structure as well as your critical data. The advantage of this form of backup allows for rapid recovery of applications as well as the associated data. In most cases a faster recovery time.

Managed file backup: File back-up is a selective copy of critical directories and files necessary to re-build your business. This form of back-up may be adequate for some businesses and should be the minimum considered for proper business continuity.

Craig Stephenson, Senior Systems Consultant

Tech II Business Services, Inc.