Paul Baumgartner, Senior Engineer

Paul Baumgartner, Senior Engineer

Microsoft has announced that they will no longer be issuing service packs for Exchange 2003 and all support for it will end on April 28, 2014.  Customers who have Exchange 2003 should upgrade to Exchange 2010.

Before you make the decision to upgrade, please review the following advantages and explore the links provided for more information, starting with What’s New in Exchange Server 2010.

Advantages for upgrading from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

1)      Exchange 2010 is 64 bit architecture.  Exchange 2003 is 32 bit architecture.  This means that Exchange 2010 can use more memory and facilitate a larger volume of emails without as many limitations.

2)      Exchange 2010 has continuous background online defragmentation.  This means less manual maintenance and fewer database problems.

3)      Exchange 2010 uses Database Availability Groups rather than clustering for high availability.  This is more reliable and adds more fault tolerance.

4)      Database size limit increased from 75 GB to 64 TB.

5)      More capabilities and integration for mobile phone use:

6)      Exchange 2010 has calendar repair assistant.  This automatically detects and corrects inconsistencies with single and recurring meeting items for mailboxes located on that Mailbox server.

7)      Calendar has the ability to share information with external users.

8)      Users can create & manage their own distribution groups in Exchange 2010.

9)      Exchange 2010 has end-to-end message tracking.  This is useful for IT security or Human Resources requests.

10)   Exchange 2010 has anywhere access.

11)   Exchange 2010 Outlook Web App is much more like being right in Outlook.

12)   Additional security features in Exchange 2010.

13)   Anti-Spam blocking features available with Exchange 2010.

14)   The Global Address List can be segmented in Exchange 2010 SP2.  This means that you can give users rights to only certain portions of the list such as by department or company: