Whether you are considering video surveillance system for your home or business, it is more than just a simple matter of deciding where to mount a few cameras. You have to ask yourself a few serious questions first, or you could end up with equipment that looks great on the wall but is truly ineffectual.

What is your true need for a video surveillance system? Is your overall goal Detection, Recognition or Identification?

Detection: you can see there is someone in the camera view but may not see a lot of detail.

Recognition: you can see someone and if you know who they are you can recognize them.

Identification: the clarity of the image is optimum and anyone can determine the person or object in the camera view.

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Other criteria to consider are  objects such as license plates, where typical recommendations state that the height of letters should be represented by 15 pixels (corresponding to about 200 pixels/m) to ensure legibility.  It is also important to take legal and regulatory requirements into account when determining the resolution if you ever want to be able to use the camera footage as evidence in court.

Camera placement is another critical factor for successful identification not only to avoid difficult lighting situations, but also to ensure that people or objects are captured at a favorable angle. If cameras are placed too high above the ground, images will have a birds-eye perspective, which distorts people or objects and makes them difficult to identify.

When we conduct a surveillance survey, some typical issues we look for are:

  • Camera placement or lens selection that distorts facial features.
  • Difficult lightning conditions that create shaded areas or whiteout effects.
  • Compression settings that cause image blur or pixilation.
  • Motion blur caused by insufficient shutter speed or frame rate.
  • Excessive noise in low light situations.
  • Overlay text is covering a crucial part of the scene.

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