A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunk is a service that allows businesses to run a telephone line over their internet connection. The SIP telephone line can be connected directly into your telephone system or to a gateway if it is an older system. SIP trunks can be provisioned within days, usually no additional hardware and less expensive.  SIP trunking features typically include local and long-distance calling, enhanced 911, directory listing, direct inward dial capability and caller ID, all of which integrate into a company’s existing phone system.

A SIP-trunking service can benefit your company by:
  • Eliminating the need to invest in costly (and less capable) Telephone  equipment infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery solution, eliminating local line failures, a SIP line can automatically failover to multiple locations
  • Reducing monthly expenses, since only one connection for data and voice is needed
  • Eliminating the need for  T-1 PRI (primary rate interface) hardware connections, lowering telephony costs
  • Never get busy signals as long as you have enough Bandwidth
  • Providing points of presence telephone numbers from multiple U.S. cities so that companies can establish local numbers rather than rely on a 1-800 number.

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