Real-Time IT Health Monitoring Of Critical Systems

The convenience of real-time critical alert notifications alongside the cost-saving feature of immediate remote service and support.

Real-time health monitoring of your critical systems with alerting allows us to immediately determine if any systems are underperforming or experiencing issues. Some features of our managed monitoring include:

  • Critical Alert Monitoring
  • Asset/Software/Hardware Reports
  • Admin Console (Read Only)
  • Tech II Remote Access Tool

What is the Advantage of Having Your IT Environment Actively Monitored?

Partnering with Tech II to have constant monitoring of your endpoints, network, and cloud assets allows you to have confidence in the security of your IT systems. With real-time monitoring and alerts, we are notified when something doesn’t look quite right in your network or internet traffic. From there, we can respond quickly to ensure that your workflow isn’t disrupted by a hack, malware, or ransomware attempt.

But IT security isn’t the only reason that you should be looking at managed monitoring. One of the benefits of constant systems monitoring is that it gives you more data from which we can run analytics to discover more efficiencies to help you and your employees use technology to accomplish more in your workday.

How Much of Our Privacy is Sacrificed to Benefit from Managed Monitoring?

This is a familiar question, and it’s natural to be concerned about such things. The information collected by the Tech II staff for the efficiency and security monitoring of your IT systems has very little to do with the content and private data on your systems. Instead, the data collected and analyzed in real time has to do with the type of traffic that is allowed through your firewall and any IT security anomalies that present themselves within the systems. Rest assured, your privacy is safe with Tech II.