Managed Mobile Keeps You Secure In The BYOD Era

Bring your own device (BOYD) is saving businesses money, but carries new sets of risks

Ensure that the same management, security, and oversight solutions you rely on for your IT, are also in place for your mobile devices.


  • Some 19% of firms believe BYOD is a way of improving employee satisfaction CCMI
  • 90% of workers in the United States are using their personal smartphones for work purposes Cisco
  • By 2017 one in two firms will no longer provide devices to their employees Gartner
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BYOD is here to stay and only becoming more important as cultures change throughout business. Managing and securing devices that you don’t own can be tricky, but luckily our Mobile Device Management solution has you covered.


  • Remotely wipe lost devices
  • Track device location via GPS
  • Standardize security & compliance configurations for fast & easy provisioning
  • Track & report on mobile assets

Frequently Asked Questions

Securing and Utilizing Mobile Devices within a Company’s Workflow.

What is the difference between BYO device management and fleet device management?

Fleet devices are the smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that are owned by the company. If your business has fleet devices, you can have complete control over the security, functionality, and access of those devices to applications or sites on the internet. BYO device management is less restrictive because your business does not own the devices brought to work by your staff; however, you still want to ensure that those devices aren’t used as an avenue of attack for cybercriminals targeting your business.

How are my employees going to react to a BYO mobile device management strategy implementation?

Employees generally accept BYO mobile device management well, if you explain the following:

  1. None of the software used in BYO device management collects private information about them from their phones or tablets. (Their boss is not spying on them.)
  2. Their phone or tablet is an “endpoint” that cybercriminals can use to gain access to private client files if the mobile device is not properly secured.
  3. Their personal privacy is protected at a higher level with participation in BYO device management because their phone can be locked or remotely wiped for them if they lose the device or if it is stolen.