How A Proper Cabling Strategy Improves Business Operations

Cabling Infrastructure Impacts Servers, Applications, and Networking

Businesses large and small tend to underestimate the importance of a proper cabling strategy for their IT infrastructures. Cabling, however, is the backbone of a successful, overall IT strategy – enabling a feasible and well-performing IT infrastructure.

All of your business apps are sending queries to a server through the network, and each of your employees connects to internal and external networks multiple times a day. Inadequate cabling can slow down your business operations significantly and decrease the efficiency of various processes and procedures.

I have a business in Albany, Saratoga Springs, Troy, or Schenectady. How do I discover what cabling services my company needs?

Cabling is not just the laying down of wires or cables from a server and a power source to a computer. Your cabling infrastructure is made up of three levels:

  • Core backbone cabling infrastructure that runs vertically between floors
  • Structured cabling that horizontally connects your employees’ desks
  • Patch cabinet that connects computers within your local area network (LAN) and links to incoming wide area networks (WAN).

Omissions and improper functioning of any of these layers will result in slower data transfers, loss of connectivity, and overall network performance issues. Tech II certified networking specialists have you covered by installing your cabling and wiring infrastructures in accordance with a thorough cabling strategy.

Why and How to Install and Upgrade Cabling Systems

Using enterprise-grade software in-house and running business apps in the cloud both require reliable cabling infrastructure, if you’re going to utilize your network and get the most out of the available network bandwidth.

Obviously, you need to invest in proper cabling and wiring, but the process does not end here. A viable cabling strategy takes into account your specific current needs but also plans for further expansions and technology advancements.

Business software is getting more complex and resource consuming. Industry best practices recommend renewing existing cabling systems every six years, on average.

A forward-looking cabling strategy plans for enough capacity to support two or three generations of future hardware and software.

Another factor to consider is your business environment. Business environment determines what types of cable you need. Installing unshielded cables in an environment with significant electrical interferences can cost you dearly as your network can be virtually unusable at times.

What cabling system does my business needs – copper or fiber?

You are probably well aware there are two major cable options – copper and fiber cabling structures. Selecting between copper cabling and fiber cabling depends on your specific needs but also requires a detailed assessment of your office building characteristics, adjacent infrastructure, business applications in use as well as your further plans for expansion.

Typical enterprise apps can run on copper-based cabling systems that comply with Category 5e and Category 6 standards. A new standard, called 10G BASE-T, enables copper cabling infrastructures to achieve speeds of up to 10 GB/s Ethernet, which is fast enough for most desktop business applications.

Going beyond that speed requires fiber cables, which also consume up to ten times less power. Fiber cable systems are easier to install and nearly impossible to hack while being more effective than copper cabling when you need a lengthy cable system. Fiber is also resistant to electromagnetic interferences and does not produce sparks, which is of utmost importance in hazardous environments.

Having the complexity of cabling infrastructure in mind, consulting a cabling and wiring specialist is a wise move in order to select the best type of cables and build a reliable cable infrastructure that delivers the best performance.

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