Network Support & Computer System Services For The Restaurant Industry

Tired of Waiting for Your Restaurant’s IT Support Guy to Show Up?

Let us take care of everything from POS systems to your network security. – Keep reading to find the answers to your concerns.

How Do I Keep Tech Problems From Interrupting The Efficiency Of My Lunch Or Dinner Service? – IT Support for Busy Restaurants

In today’s society where so few people carry cash, your POS system going down poses a major problem and can lead to loss of sales.

Restaurants are increasingly technology dependent. With everything from your POS systems to your back of the house software, online reservations, and phone systems reliant on computers, IT failures can derail even the most profitable restaurant.

Can the Right IT Support Help You Increase Your Restaurant’s Profitability?

Data gathering and analytics can be a critical tool in helping you keep your overall costs in line to maximize profitability.

Tech II Business Services provides you with the tools you need to track processes across your operations in a seamless, easy-to-use software – pinpointing unnecessary spending and wasted resources which negatively impact your bottom line.

What Applications Can Help Me Improve my Restaurant’s Efficiencies?

The restaurant industry is quite complex. You deal with a vast array of vendors requiring regular billing. Accurate tracking of inventory is a must to avoid over-ordering and unnecessary expenditures.

Efficiency has to extend to the security of your POS systems.

Your guests have come to expect reliable Wifi on every visit, and fully functioning POS systems are no longer a luxury, they are an absolute necessity. Part of providing an ideal guest experience includes ensuring your customers’ credit and debit cards are protected against theft by cyber predators.

Tech II helps boost restaurant efficiency by providing vendor support. These are some of the applications we see commonly in the restaurants we serve.

  • 7shifts—software to support employee scheduling and track labor costs
  • Bluecart—vendor management and online ordering platform
  • Freshbooks—a cloud-based accounting system, allowing you to be productive while on the go
  • DineApp—an online reservations system
  • Restaurateur—profit and loss statement generation software
  • Orderly—app supporting one-stop shopping for all of your invoicing, accounting, and inventory needs
  • Review Tracker–keep track of what people are saying about your restaurant across all social media platforms

Where Can I Get Help for My Restaurant IT Problems?

Is your technology bringing your lunch service to a standstill? Tech II Business Services is here to help.

  • Point of Sale (POS) Software and Hardware
  • Communication and Collaboration Between Franchises and Head Office
  • IT Systems Setup
  • Cabling
  • Network and Wifi Security
  • Wifi for Your Guests
  • Cloud Applications
  • PCI Compliance for Credit Card Transactions

Can Managed IT Services Keep My Restaurant IT from Crashing so Often?

Traditional break/fix technicians do an excellent job of repairing your IT when it stops functioning as it ought to. The problem is, you can’t afford your POS systems to be down for even a few minutes. The totality of your guest experience rests on the efficiency of your IT.

Managed IT Services from Tech II Business Services provides you with a holistic approach to IT care. We bring you proactive management, monitoring, and maintenance to keep your systems on track and optimized to promote optimal efficiencies for your restaurant. All this is packaged in an easily-budgeted monthly subscription payment.

How Much Do Managed IT Services Cost?

Your monthly cost is based on the following variables:

  • Your restaurant’s specific needs
  • The size of your IT environment
  • The complexity of your network

What Services You Can Expect from IT Support for Restaurants with Tech II Business Services?

  • IT Managed Services – Securing and keeping your IT systems running flawlessly
  • Cloud Services – Helping you make the most of cloud assets
  • Infrastructure Solutions – Planning and executing IT infrastructure implementations
  • Video Surveillance – Setting up and maintaining video monitoring solutions
  • Business Telephones – Providing on-site and mobile telephony solutions for professional offices