Stay Secure With Managed Patch Updates

Keeping software up to date is the first step to preventing critical security breaches.

Windows and other applications are constantly being updated with security patches that fix existing software vulnerabilities. It’s important to keep your software up to date as these software vulnerabilities may be exploited for malicious intent. These vulnerabilities can cause an array of issues for businesses such as data loss, system downtime and failure, and network intrusion from outsiders.

Stay secure with our managed patch updates, which include the following:

  • Windows Patch Management
  • 3rd Party Applications Patch Management
  • 3rd Party Software Updates
  • Updates to a list of supported software applications
  • Back-end patch testing to verify the safety of patch rollout

How Do We Know What Patches and Updates Need to Be Installed?

You have two options. You can spend precious hours reading tech alerts on the internet regarding the updates released for each of your applications and operating systems, or you can get back to running your business and trust us to take care of it all for you. That’s what we do.

Can’t An Internal Staff Member Take Care of Our Patches and Updates?

We often hear this question, and it’s a fair one. If you have a competent, trained IT technician on staff who has the time to devote to these tasks, it is completely feasible for an in-house tech to take care of patches and updates. However, this is rarely the case. Usually, it’s the business owner staying late to do patches and updates or an employee that is taken off of money-making work to do them during the workday.

But that’s not the end of the story. The fact is, not every patch or update should be put in place. It takes an IT specialist who does this work every day to know what patches and updates will help protect your systems and which will cause conflicts within your system that will slow your internal processes.

How Do We Know What Patches and Updates Have Been Installed?

The Tech II team keeps detailed records of the work that we have done on your systems. This allows us to have a documented paper trail of the updates that we have installed in case there is a problem and a specific update needs to be rolled back at some point in the future.