Be Prepared For Anything \With Recovery as a Service (RaaS)


Automatically mirror your image backups both locally and to an offsite location every day. No matter what happens to your office, your data is safe and recoverable in hours.


Business continuity and disaster recovery are two of the most important aspects a business needs to consider in their daily operations.

  • 57% of SMB’s have no disaster recovery plan
  • 40% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster

Many environmental factors can damage your IT assets such as storms and power outages, water and fire damage, theft and vandalism, and the list goes on. Not having a plan in place when mother nature inevitably throws you a curveball could be catastrophic for your business.


Tech II will help develop a full business continuity plan so when things go awry, you’ll be protected and able to swiftly get back in action with minimal downtime. Benefits of our disaster recovery as a service include:

  • Integrated Image Backup Software
  • Physical to Virtual server conversions
  • Local & Cloud recovery options
  • Backup Monitoring & Management
  • Capacity & Status Reporting
  • Backup Images vaulted to secure data center
  • Several options to meet geographical distance requirements
  • Recover to physical, virtual or cloud servers
  • Rapid server recovery with remote connectivity options

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