Healthcare IT Services & IT Support

What You Need to Know About Securely Running A Digitized Healthcare Business

Data security, compliance and simplified workflows are within your reach.

Running a digitally-optimized healthcare business requires healthcare-specific IT support. We can help you with that.

Your data grows by the day, and your IT infrastructure is unable to cope with Big Data. Legacy systems are increasingly harder to maintain while cloud services are becoming a norm.

The number of users is growing as well as the number of devices, systems and applications. In the end, you risk losing your HIPAA compliance as your IT infrastructure becomes more and more complex and you cannot manage it yourself.

Sound familiar?

We’re here to help.

Should I Outsource My Clinical IT Operations?

You have a core business – healthcare services. but your efforts are disrupted by emerging technologies and software applications that quickly become industry standards. More and more applications are running in the cloud or on mobile devices. Your patients now can get consultations online and need their data to remain private and secure.

Managing complex IT infrastructures is a pain for a healthcare business, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Outsourcing your clinical IT operations enables you to focus on your core business while feeling secure about your data and getting uninterrupted service from your IT infrastructure.

IT Services We Offer the Healthcare Industry

  • Fully Managed IT Services – Monitoring, managing and maintaining your IT systems to enable end-to-end performance
  • Cloud Services – Strategically implementing cloud assets that reduce costs provide efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and mobility
  • Network Infrastructure Services – Planning, designing, executing, and maintaining all aspects of your network systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems – Designing, implementing, and maintaining high quality, scalable, and reliable video monitoring applications
  • Business Telephone Systems  – Providing your business with contemporary telephony solutions for professional offices
  • Cabling Services – Designing and installing reliable cable infrastructure with an emphasis on functionality and security
  • IT Systems Integration – Unified IT processes engineering to meet industry best practices
  • Carrier and ISP Services –  Acting as a go-between your ISP and phone service providers to free your time
  • Access Control Systems – Tech II’s access control systems redefine ease of use and performance, allowing you to manage up to 500 doors, proximity card readers, keypads, or Schlage® wireless door handles. Setup of these devices is a breeze with the application software. The embedded web server provides instant results using any web browser, smartphone, or tablet.

What Apps Can Help Me Run a My Healthcare Business More Smoothly?

Using reliable and compliant applications is mission-critical for any healthcare organization or doctor. We support your use of applications such as 1upHealth that aggregates patient data from external systems or, which enables healthcare providers to see the full picture your patients’ needs while providing secure sharing of tasks and data.

We can help you with the maintenance of your AirStrip application, which enables you to connect with your patients and simplifies workflows. Dock Health is another app that is providing HIPAA compliant solution to collaborate and prioritize tasks for delivering the best service to your patient.

Another app that can help you run an efficient healthcare practice is DoseMeRx, which integrates with an EHR and clinician’s workflow and then automatically provides information about a patient’s as age, weight, the dose administered, and renal function as well as how your patient responded to previous therapy.

What Are the Most Pressing IT-Related Problems in the Healthcare Industry?

You need multiple applications to run your clinical operations as patient data grows, platforms are moving to the cloud, and your patients want to connect with you on the go. You also need to keep your data secure and have HIPAA compliance all the time.

That’s a lot.

Having internal IT staff in place is burdensome for most healthcare providers as IT experts are in high demand and IT infrastructures are becoming harder to manage. Fragmented IT infrastructure can also be a problem and moving from legacy systems to new platforms is never easy.

That’s where external help comes in handy, and our healthcare IT experts can help you with consultations and all the above-listed services to manage your healthcare business technology smoothly and securely.