IT Support for Small to Mid-Size Businesses in Upstate New York

How Can I Find IT Support that “Gets” the Small to Mid-Size Business Market?

Is It Possible to Find a Capital District IT Support Team that Understands the Small to Mid-Size Business?

Small to mid-size businesses deal with different challenges than their larger enterprise-level counterparts. That’s why generic IT solutions intended for the big business sector are often lacking when it comes to the needs of the small to mid-sized business market.

Even if you have the right technology in place, you are ill-equipped to really maximize its potential for your small to mid-size business on your own.

Can you find an IT support team that understands the small to mid-size business mindset and workflow?

The right IT support team can help your small to mid-size business shine. Tech II Business Services understands your technology needs and has the expertise to provide customized Managed IT Services to provide you with greater security and efficiency. With the right infrastructure in place to help you achieve your goals, your small to mid-size business will be primed for growth.

Is Tech II Business Services a Break/Fix Company?

Businesses have three options when it comes to IT support.

  1. Break/fix companies focus on helping companies repair things that aren’t operating as they should. While their services do solve some IT problems, they target addressing only the troubling issue at hand to return your business technology to being fully operational. They offer no solutions to prevent the problem from happening again. Since it is difficult to predict when your IT systems will go down, it is hard to budget for costly repair bills which often come more frequently than your bottom line can comfortably sustain.
  2. The Managed IT Services model pinpoints the need for proactive and comprehensive IT care. This approach to IT support is built upon a solid foundation of continuous monitoring, maintenance, and management of your company’s IT systems. This fortification ensures your Sarasota Springs business IT remains fully functional, secure, and supported to keep your company’s efficiencies and workflow mobilized and primed for growth. Best of all, Managed IT Services is based on a monthly subscription play, offering you affordable flat-rate payments for total IT care.
  3. Co-Managed IT or Supplemental IT Services target serving the areas of IT support that your internal IT team either does not want to do or does not have the expertise to tackle. Co-managed situations range from outsourcing daily, routine IT management tasks to high-level IT implementations.

Among the services you can count on from Tech II Business Services are:

  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
  • Compliance Legislation Expertise
  • Advanced and Proactive Cybersecurity Protocols
  • Continuous IT Monitoring, Maintenance, and Management
  • Friendly Support Staff who Respond Promptly Each Time You Call

What Can I Expect from Tech II Business Services?

Tech II Business Services understands the challenges facing small to mid-size businesses. We help you maximize the IT assets you are already own to improve your workflow to support greater productivity.

Here are the services we leverage to make that happen for you.

  • Fully Managed IT Services – Monitoring, managing and maintaining your IT systems to enable end-to-end performance
  • Cloud Services – Strategically implementing cloud assets that reduce costs provide efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and mobility
  • Network Infrastructure Services – Planning, designing, executing, and maintaining all aspects of your network systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems – Designing, implementing, and maintaining high quality, scalable, and reliable video monitoring applications
  • Business Telephone Systems  – Providing your business with contemporary telephony solutions for professional offices
  • Cabling Services – Designing and installing reliable cable infrastructure with an emphasis on functionality and security
  • IT Systems Integration – Unified IT processes engineering to meet industry best practices
  • Carrier and ISP Services –  Acting as a go-between your ISP and phone service providers to free your time
  • Access Control Systems – Tech II’s access control systems redefine ease of use and performance, allowing you to manage up to 500 doors, proximity card readers, keypads, or Schlage® wireless door handles. Setup of these devices is a breeze with the application software. The embedded web server provides instant results using any web browser, smartphone, or tablet.