Hosted Exchange

Full Function Email in the Cloud with Hosted Exchange

Get the benefits of a fully functional exchange server without any of the hardware or costs!

Hosted Exchange from Tech II offers a fully redundant email continuity solution. You’ll have all the features that come equipped on a on-premise exchange server at a much lower cost and with greater security, redundancy, and scalability.

  • Shared Calendars, Contacts and Tasks
  • Latest Outlook license
  • Includes Alias and Distribution Groups
  • 25GB Mailbox Size
  • Spam Filtering
I just wanted to throw you a quick email thanking you and your crew for being at my beck and call lately – mostly Patrick and Mark. I’ve been very demanding and needy lately, so it’s nice to be treated kindly and respectfully.

First of all, I am thankful for all the hours and dedication Pat put into our Cobleskill and Gloversville issues. I know it was a frustrating and time consuming few weeks (Damn you Time Warner!!) but his hard work, as well as his proficiency, was totally appreciated! It was also great that he stuck around for a bit to ensure that staff were up and running before moving on to his next job.

Secondly, I am very grateful for Mark being so prompt and competent fixing some of the issues we’ve had with the server process – and for actually helping me with several issues in the past year or so, too. Today I was especially appreciative for his patience walking me through resetting our director’s email on her iPad and iPhone. It’s wonderful to get such quick, friendly service!

It’s really always a pleasure to work with the Tech-ii gang in general but I really wanted to give kudos to these two for going above and beyond with professionalism and patience – and a much needed sense of humor.

Now, tell them they can never leave me!! 🙂 Have a great day! Denise Stafford

Database Coordinator, Workforce Development Board of Fulmont, Montgomery