Host Your Critical Applications In The Cloud

Offsite application hosting ensures your critical apps are secure and always available

From back office applications to industry-specific solutions, simplify your technology by hosting applications off-site. The time and money wasted in managing applications locally is a thing of the past. Centrally managed services allow for rapid upgrades, increased level of security and overall reduced equipment cost.

  • Increased Reliability
  • Increased Security
  • Remote worker flexibility
  • Ease of document revision management
  • Decreased capital cost

Frequently Asked Cloud Application Questions

Are all desktop applications now available in the cloud?
Most of the applications that businesses are used by on a day-to-day basis (such as Microsoft Office and Sage) are now available to be utilized within the cloud. Some legacy, industry-specific applications have not been made cloud compatible because of the cost involved.

Are cloud-based applications more expensive?
No matter whether you go the route of hosting your applications on-site or in the cloud, license fees still apply as well as the cost of hosting the application. However, the savings in a cloud environment usually comes from the flexibility, mobility, and ease of application management.

How would my employees access cloud applications?
We provide several options for access to your workflow applications hosted within the cloud. The most popular options are accessing the applications through a protected web browser and access through a secure VPN.