Carrier & ISP Services

Tech II can be your liaison to your ISP and phone service provider, eliminating the headache for you

Long past are the days of calling the local phone services provider and asking for additional communications lines. One of the main consequences of telecommunications deregulation which began in 1984, was the end of the monopoly Ma Bell and the Baby Bells had over the industry. Following the Telecommunications Act of 1996, there was an explosion in players which, as intended, resulted in fierce competition within the communications industry. Unfortunately, the drawback for businesses was that it’s extremely complicated to sort through the options or even know what they are. Fortunately, there is a team at Tech II Business Services dedicated to doing this very job, making sure that you’re not only getting the best deal available, but that you’re getting the services and bandwidth that you’re currently paying for with your existing contract. Over the years, this team has saved local businesses millions of dollars and navigated the complex world of communications providers.

  • Evaluation of your current local, long distance, dedicated line and internet
  • Comprehensive reporting detailing current services and easy to read cost analysis
  • Recommendations for consolidation, cost savings and enhanced services
  • Management of your communication providers
  • Annual review of your services
  • Service Fee discounts for telecommunications related issues
  • Emergency services help desk for outages