Professionally Designed & Installed Business IT Infrastructure

Robust networks built with the best equipment and engineering

All businesses need some level of network infrastructure to interconnect desktop phones, computers, laptops, mobile devices and any other device used to interface a company’s IT resources. Network Infrastructure is the hardware and software systems of an entire network that enable devices to connect. Once connected users can access a multitude of resources such as servers, printers, and the internet. Tech II’s Systems Engineers can design, source, install and maintain all aspects of your network infrastructure.

  • Design and source infrastructure through authorized channels
  • Racks, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Wireless systems
  • Professional installation
  • Training
  • Ongoing management

What Difference Does Well-Designed and Optimized Network Infrastructure Make?

Your network (LAN or WAN) is the central nervous system of your entire IT environment. Every byte of data sent between your devices or between your devices and the internet runs along the data highway of your network. Because the network plays such a significant role in your business processes, having one that is well designed and optimized results in the following benefits:

  • Increased data transmission speed throughout your facility or across multiple locations
  • Faster access to files
  • Internal communications that are smooth and more secure
  • Data recovery that is more reliable and faster