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Tech II Business Services is a New York State licensed alarm installer.

{For information to help you understand camera and resolution differences, please visit our Video Surveillance Primer}

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At Tech II Business Services, we believe video surveillance can be an integral tool for your business. There are many use cases ranging from monitoring production, a deterrent and a complement of your intrusion detection system. It’s important to invest in a system that will provide you with high resolution in order to ensure the video quality is there when you need it.

Implementing IP camera systems across Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, Albany and the greater Hudson Valley area, Tech II is able to provide high definition video surveillance systems with the ability to view, record and playback video from nearly any type of device. Never again will you have situation where your video surveillance system was unable to provide help due to low resolution video.

Tech II has strategically partnered with Axis Communications and HIKVISION, two of the industry leaders for high definition IP camera solutions. These partnerships enable Tech II to provide surveillance systems at affordable prices. You can choose Tech II with confidence, as we have three Axis Certified Technicians on staff; the only internationally recognized video surveillance certification.

The systems we offer excel in video definition quality, scalability, reliability and price in comparison to their older analog counterparts. Best of all, if you have existing analog cameras you’re not ready to give up, we offer technology that allows you to integrate older existing analog cameras with the new IP standard, enabling businesses to upgrade their system without having to do a complete overhaul.

Tech II surveillance systems are easy to use and easily managed with an intuitive graphical user interface. Remote surveillance lets you stay connected from your web browser, Smartphone, iPad or other mobile device. You can now keep your eyes on your business regardless of location or device, provided you have an internet connection!

Benefits of installing a video surveillance system for your business include:

  • Ability to view, record and playback video from your cameras
  • Data redundancy in event of system failure
  • Ability to identify human faces and license plates from afar
  • Increased employee and customer safety
  • Discourage workplace violence, harassment and poor customer service
  • May help lower insurance and liability costs for your business
  • Quickly and easily view multiple areas of your facility anywhere, anytime
  • Deter vandalism and compliment your security system

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