Eric Guby, the founder and Chief Financial Officer of Tech II Business Services, is a recognized leader in Telecommunication and Managed Services in the Capital District. Eric has been in the telecommunications industry for three decades – twenty-five of those years were spent as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Tech II.

From his background in electronics and PBX manufacturing, Eric gained an understanding of the concepts and technologies that make up this rapidly evolving industry. His comprehensive experience in virtually every aspect of telecommunications enables him to position Tech II on the cutting-edge.

Eric’s business savvy and vision allowed him to recognize trends and opportunities within the industry. He developed Tech II into a strong company that has experienced continual growth through a broad spectrum of economic times. Recognizing the eventual convergence of voice and data, Eric led Tech II into the information technology arena through the strategic acquisition of Power Solutions in early 1999. Through this integration, and the acquisition of other key executives and technologies, Tech II is positioned to provide expert managed services to businesses all across the northeast.

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